Anyone here actively trading (swing trading/day trading) crypto?

If so, curious how your experience has been. What broker do you use? Are you trading with leverage? And how has the liquidity and slippage been on your trades?

Reason I ask… I’m interested in getting in on some of these moves (long or short doesn’t matter), but just curious to know what others’ experiences have been like and what brokers they’re using.


LOL, You’re funny
you make it sound like there’s 100 moves, lol
these are the only 2 moves you have.

Now… to answer your question briefly.
What Broker ? : Pepperstone
Trading Leverage : YES (and i suppose you want to know the level of leverage) IT DEPENDS.
BETWEEN 1:10 - 1:100 i like to stay as low as possible

Liquidity - Not sure what you want me to say here, IT’S FINE
Slippage - Haven’t noticed any since i’ve been with them.
My first broker was a completely different story

Hope this helps

Hi Martin,

what country are you located, I looked up Pepperstone and they do not take accounts from the USA, that sucks. I am using Coinbase, they are good if you just want to accumulate and store Crypto but no good as a trading platform as they only offer three Crypto’s and will not accept orders during times of high volatility

I think that you can trade crypto on Oanda, but I heard a lot of bad reviews on them.

Currently I am mining the coins dashcoin, litecoin and a new one called Trader, I advise you to mines this last one that by 2018 its value will rise a lot. Any questions I am at your order!

I’m in Sydney Australia

Tradestation? Somebody correct me please, but an a quaint ancestors told me he uses Tradestation … I believe they have all the cryptos. They have alot of other instruments as well.

Sorry meant *acquaintance

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I can’t find any information on the cryptocoin Trader", would you mind sending me some links or other sources of information?

I have a very powerful PC, how can I begin mining these coins?

How many Graphics cards do you have and What are their specifications ?

If you want to trade cryptos its best to use poloniex,bitrex, bitfinex just to name the few of the most reliable ones. these trading platforms only have crypto currency pairs so its advisable that you have afew ‘.0’ bitcoin so that you can start trading.
The problem with conventional trading platforms is that they only allow you to trade the major cryptos which are bitcoin etherium or litecoin and dash; some only trade bitcoin. The lesser known currencies are cheap and have more volatile, it is important to note that there are hundreds of different cryptos. it is advisable to identify a few.

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Perfect post, please read for anyone interested in crypto trading :clap:

hi mate

I’m in Australia

they offer 4 Actually
not that i think this makes much of a difference to you,but for the sake of accuracy it’s 4.

i guess if they don’t accept US client then… yeah, that sucks
sorry couldn’t be of help

is there anyyone using bitfinex? If there is please share your experience?

Is that what you’re using now? I stayed away from it after finding out about Bitfinex and USDT.

There was some breach that happened I believe or something negative about the platform. I use Binance, and a couple of others.

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Binance, Bittrex, a little bit of GDAX, Kraken now that they have their infrastructure straight.

Have a read of this on why you should stay away from Bitfinex. There’s just too much unknown between them and Tether related to their business practices.

And I’m not actively trading.

Hey there,

I have been trading for 4-5 months now, and I am currently implementing an algorithmic trading system. Overall, my experience has been very exhilarating, with some big upswings and some ugly drawdowns. I definitely wasn’t consistently profitable in the early days, but I am more profitable now the more that I have studied.

Broker: Binance
Leverage: NOPE
Liquidity: I trade coins with larger volume so I have never had an issue with liquidity or spread.
Slippage: No issues that I can remember