Anyone here from Russia

I never see anyone on this forum from Russia, As there is so much news about Russia coming from a US media that cannot be trusted, it sure would be nice to hear from some members who actually live in Russia

Look forward to hearing from you if you are out there


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Hear Hear ! - I agree @Dennis3450 :sunglasses:

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I doubt there are many Russian members here, simply because Russia has a pretty robust forex industry and they have their own forums.

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that if true is disappointing, being from the US I cannot trust the news media about anything involving Russia, other countries that seem to be pretty vacant of participation are France and pretty much all of Africa

If what is true, that Russians tend to stick to their Russian-speaking forums or that one can’t trust the media?

I have no knowledge of the first question, but the second is absolutely true

The second? I am not sure what are you referring to?

I am, and I would say that the sanctions are indeed taking their toll on the economy here with the ruble weakening and life getting a bit harder for people, especially so after the pandemic. Also some websites are censored here so I have to use VPN. What exactly would you like to know so I can elaborate on that?

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this is what I am referring too

Hi sprotz, it is nice to meet someone from Russia, I have lots of questions, but let’s start with two easy ones, Here in the US our government and the media paints Putin as the 21st-century version of Hitler, ( I do not agree ) How do you and the people of Russia see your President.

Next, what are your thoughts on the US accusing Russia of interfering with US elections?

If you would prefer to answer this on a less public forum you are welcome to message me.

Thanks and look forward to reading your perspective

Well, even though Putin is not quite like Hitler, he is an authoritarian autocrat. His popularity is declining, especially after Putin critic, Navalny exposed corruption in the Russian government, in a YouTube video where he said that Putin owns all the oil wealth in the country and owns a lavish palace while his people are struggling financially. This lead to protests allover Russia on a scale not seen in a while.
Putin has taken total control and the state even controls most of Russian media where news channels dish out propaganda to its citizens by praising its own government and demonizing the US (its enemy) as aggressively as possible in order to maintain control of its citizens.
Lucky for me, being able to speak English, I was able to compare foreign news sources with local Russian news sources, and I saw that they differ. So I realized that state owned Russian media is not trustworthy, but for most Russian people who can not speak English, it is difficult for them to find the truth that they are being lied to.
It’s best to consult trustworthy news sources like Reuters and AFP. Some western news media may also be biased.
I noticed here that the government is oppressive to foreign students with curfews in university halls and security personnel harassing students, with their movements being restricted within the country. There is also reports of politicians and critics of the gov’t disappearing or being murdered, and billionaires being imprisoned.
I do not know what Putin wants but being the fact that he is a former secret agent, he must be cold and remorseless and my opinion is that he misses the communist times.

As for interference in the US elections, whether true or not, Russia has the motive, and maybe the capability to do it. It was clear that they disliked Clinton and favoured Trump partly because of his stance against NATO, which is known that Russia despises NATO.


from your description of Putin he no doubts would fit right in with our corrupt American politicians. Here there are like 50 people that had close ties to the Clinton’s and died, mostly by suicide. I would not trust any American news source, they all have deep ties to the CIA.

If I were Russian I think I would also despise NATO as they basically have you surrounded

You should stop by the Political Opinion forum, It would be nice to have your perspective introduced to the conversation as Russia comes up often

Take care

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Aye, this is true.

I remember back when Yeltsin landed in Shannon back from US - Shannon was symbolic because it was Aeroflot’s most western Non- Nato hub (from 1980) - it was a sad day for Russia - as we say here ‘the oul drink got him’ - all happened in 1994.

Then a new breath - a workaholic took over - no alcohol - and a constitution that ensured no autocratic - and a PM, one Dmitry Medvedev included.

Putin restored a lost pride when it was needed.