Anyone here on GBPJPY?

I’m currently watching GBPJPY on different timeframes and my 50MA has closed below my 200 MA on the 4H and 1H charts, but I’m still unsure whether I should sell. :thinking: Anyone have open trades for this pair? :thinking:


I Have two pending orders, one for buy, one for sell.

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I suppose GBP/JPY still has a bullish tendency for the foreseeable future. Maybe it will rise until 194.800 and then make a reversal to draw a correction.
So until then we have the opportunity to go long.

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Have your pending orders been triggered? :smiley:

Hmmm. :thinking: It’s possible. Do you have an open trade for this pair? I just sold this pair at 180.978. :open_mouth: Still in the green, but I’m not sure it’ll stay that way. :open_mouth:

i never traded this pair, myself

i was always influenced by the fact that (according to brokers and funding companies) almost no retail traders are profitable, overall, with it - and occasional decent profits from one of its occasional dramatic moves are always given back to the market pretty quickly

i’ll happily trade Yen futures, but i’m far too risk-averse to trade GBP/JPY and my wife doesn’t like losses! :roll_eyes: :open_mouth:

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focus on the tradingview this is my idea for today but the entry its earli and stop loss get out of trade

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I was waiting for the 9 o’clock news on the eur/usd, it should have come out earlier but well, it didn’t happen that way

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no, my ea canceled these orders

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It’s true GBPJPY moves are somewhat occasional, but the dramatic price change is usually around 0.5% sometimes 1% within 36 hours, these price actions are nice opportunities. In the remaining time you have to wait some time. For me this pair looks like a “dancing” with lazy periods.

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I am currently bearish on this pair but I don’t actually know for how long. Maybe until 169.200 and then it will become bullish again. We’ll see.

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Very interesting that you said that. :sweat_smile: Cause now I kinda feel a little bit better with my loss for this pair. :sweat_smile: Told myself that I’d close it before the previous weekend regardless if it was in the red, and so I did. :frowning: But at least I still don’t have a husband who checks on my losses! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this! :blush: Hopefully we win in the next trade. :open_mouth: Is GBPJPY one of the pairs you regularly trade? :blush:

Yeah, good call. :open_mouth: I wish I closed this trade much earlier, when I was still in the green. :sweat_smile: There goes my FOMO again lol

Interesting! :open_mouth: Do you have any open trades for pair or are you also still trying to spot an entry like me? :sweat_smile:

I was also bearish for this pair. :thinking: If you don’t mind, how’s your trade going?

I guess I’ll just post my updates here regarding my GBPJPY. :smiley: I’m currently still watching the chart for a good entry. :open_mouth: Right now, it seems to be very bullish. And I’m waiting for my 50 MA to cross over my 200 MA on my 4H chart before I go in. :open_mouth: 183.006 might be a good entry. :thinking:

you will, soon enough! :sweat_smile:

good luck with it, if/when they cross! :grinning:

That sounds like a well-thought-out plan! When you mention waiting for your 50 MA to cross over your 200 MA on the 4H chart for a bullish entry, would you mind sharing your perspective on the significance of this particular moving average crossover and how it influences your trading decisions?

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HAHAHA :sweat_smile: Well, I’d like to think he’d be as patient with me as I am with him. :sweat_smile:

It still hasn’t… :sweat: I was expecting them to cross but they had other plans. :sweat_smile: The dotted line was my initial prediction. :sweat_smile: The suspense is killing me.

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