Anyone here who checks Reddit for trading content?

I know Reddit is a terrible place but where do you go aside from this forum to just check what the online chatter is about the market/anything finance-related? Sometimes I check tradingview’s trade ideas, sometimes Twitter, but I also do check Reddit.

What are people on these days? Clubhouse? :open_mouth:

/r/ForexforALL is a good sub reddit.

/r/forex is good. But discord is the best way to talk with real traders like me.

What makes you a “real trader”?

For FX: I rely primarily on FXCM SSI Twitter.
For everything else: CNBC, bloomberg, and any trading-related subreddit.
For options specifically: marketchameleon

I’m usually never copying trades from anyone- but, I think that being aware of “hot products” is important and can give rise to other opportunities.

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Will check that out. I’ve been stuck at checking r/forex.

What is SSI? :open_mouth:

Google will set you free my friend :slight_smile:

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I just did and I found the official Twitter account of the US social security :sweat_smile:

Ha yea I’d run in the opposite direction.

Google- FXCM SSI Twitter

Hi @ponponwei, You can use FSSI’s Broker Data feed as well. (See Below)


Reddit’s been good for me actually. Obv I don’t entirely spend my time there but apart from these two, quora is also great.

I personally hate Reddit.

I only check Reddit for pictures and videos of cats.

Thank you for this!!!

Which subreddit do you go to?