Anyone know anything about FX Glory (3000:1 leverage)?

I came across this a short while ago: (sorry, the forum won’t let me post links yet).

Are these people legit? Anyone ever dealt with them before? I’m a new trader in the U.S. and being bound by regulations, this seems like a great deal.

Yes, FxGlory is a legitimate, but unregulated, broker based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it is my primary forex broker right now, and I have an account with them. The absolute greatest about them is they take PayPal payment deposits and withdraws, a rarity in the world, and all of the deposits are instant. Minimum deposit is $1 for credit card and $50 for PayPal. They also give you free 50% bonus on each deposit made. So, if you deposit $100, you will receive $150 total in your balance to start with, $50 free. If you lose the entire balance to $0 or -$50, the $50 bonus is automatically removed AND CREDITED back to you instantly. You don’t need to pay back the $50 that you just lost. Margin call is 50% and margin stop out level is 30%.

BUT, [B]BEWARE[/B], 3000:1 leverage can seriously KILL your account to $0 balance in 1 second if you don’t know what you’re doing, and I don’t recommend anyone to try it. Stick to only $200 MAX deposit each time. You can adjust the leverage in your profile at anytime. I have it set at 200:1 leverage right now. I only use the 3000:1 leverage if I found a HOT deal trade with only 5 pip stop-loss. Actually, 1000:1 leverage is more than enough, because 3000:1 leverage doesn’t even cover the spreads that I need to pay.

3000:1 leverage is HIGHLY recommended only for highest and lowest candle 4 hour and Daily chart, with no greater than 10 pip stop-loss gap range for each order placed. Do NOT use it for trend trading, as it is not designed that way.

Any further assistance, just let me know. Actually, I’m looking for a FxGlory trader friend here in the US. :5:

a 1 post “profile” asking about a broker , followed by another 1 post “profile” created the same day giving amazing praise and detailed pitch…
seriously? come’on now guys, we still playing these tricks?
I actually feel bad for replying as it will bump the thread up, but I just had to… flagged

T’was a good effort though.

Half of me is wondering if might really be an actual user who replied. But you’re right. too much of a coincidence…

Seriously 3000:1 with an unregulated broker? Two newbies heaping praise on it. I gotta ask when you recommend a 200 deposit, how many trades do you open on that with such high leverage? How do you claim back your cash from an unregulated broker who gives “free money”?
Really by all logical standards, it sounds like a scam to me.


I deposited only $100 with $50 bonus and ended up with $6,500 balance, withdraw everything, and $6,500 went back to my PayPal account. Not bad… I’ll use again. It’s totally up to you if you want to use them or not, but low deposit risk and high return rate in less than 6-hours of easy work is worth a shot.

That trade came from a EUR/JPY short opened on March 22, 9:00 PM EST at the opening time. Read the charts. The previous 4-hour short candle was only a 3 pip stop-loss so it’s a hot deal, refused to break the high, and it dropped 100 pips in 4 hours. Closed the trade before 5:00 AM. Had 5 standard lots opened with only $150 balance to start using 3000:1 leverage.

Find another trade with this example above, and you’ll do fine.

leverage like that will cut Your head … sooner or later …

I was reading your post when something crossed my window. Here it is:

Nice. I fully and completely understand that some people do not believe me at all. Using your 50:1 leverage regulated US broker is the most rightful decision you’ve made, and you should stick to it. I also use Oanda as my US 50:1 broker for safe, high deposits. I just took the challenge with FXGlory for myself. That’s all. :slight_smile: And I’m a real person living in California.

We fed the troll…

Nobody will believe you because this trade is not possible, no way you could open 5 lots with 150$.

Should i make the calculation for you?

yes, but is funny :wink:

FxGlory’s website says you can certainly open 5 standard lots for $142 balance with $50 bonus, according to margin calculator with 3000:1 leverage. Spreads are 3 pips fixed, stop loss was 3 pips on that certain EUR/JPY short trade I posted earlier, and I got nothing to lose.

Like I said earlier, FxGlory is NEITHER a suitable NOR recommended broker to anyone, and it requires a lot of discipline, practice, and training to run a 3000:1 leverage account.

The problem is not leverage…

eurjpy, spread: 3 pips,
pip value: 10,6$
5 lots= 53$/pip
3 pips spread=53x3=159$
In conclusion, you need 159$ to enter a 5 lots trade on eurjpy.
You should know pip value is different on jpy pairs… If you don’t believe me, just open a demo account and check it out yourself.
You are doing negative publicity. If you are a real person or not, dont really matters, the credibility is already lost.
If a broker needs this kind of methods to attract new clients, better stay away…

*In the exceptional case you were a real person without any advertising intention, and due to your good manners and the recent edited posts, I wish you good luck with your trading, and I hope your lie has been just an unusual and isolated procedure.

LOL, I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I’m a salesman or shill for anything. I’m a complete novice at FX. The reason why I only have one post is cause I’m a lurker and spend more time doing in Babypips school than on the forums.


No, you’re fine. There are currently at least 95% of users here skeptical with FXGlory, so they come here to bash at me for no reason based on what they’re hearing in reality. That’s all. But, so far, my experience has been okay so far. Of course, if I do run into a problem with them, I will let you know and post it here.

We are not skeptical of FXGlory (“One of the best brokerages ON the world” according to them! Lol ), we are just skeptical of your intent and “impartiality”…I will gladly be proven wrong over the next couple of months…
Peace out, no more bumping of this thread…

EUR/JPY short opened today on Easter Day Sunday at the daily candle opening time exactly at 6:00 PM EST, with only 7 pip stop-loss as today’s candle failed to break last week previous Friday’s high (it matches the same price). I’m using the same 3000:1 leverage again, and I’m now $4,000 profit already in 2 hours using only $200 to start with with 5 standard lots. I wouldn’t be surprised if my total balance exceeds $10,000 based on today’s momentum right now. This going to look ugly…

Sorry you missed this great, easy trade opportunity.

In case you’re really late, you are only allowed to use 100:1 leverage MAX, with stop-loss set at 120.95. Good luck.

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Ok, great well done, you are our hero. I only wish I could be as good as you one day.
Now you can take all that money and trade with a proper broker.
By the looks of things it’s gonna be a life of models and bottles for you, son. Hip Hip hurray.

I don’t consider myself to be a professional trader, but a learning trader. The daily charts was so easy to read that the stop-loss of yesterday’s high candle on Friday for EUR/JPY is incredibly tight with large reward to the downside.

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Set the stop loss to 120.68 above the 4-hour candle if you decide to short it. I would earn only $500 profit if this trade decides to go against me.