Anyone making real money/profit from forex

hi All, I read article today stated 90% those in trading forex lost their
real money. Just want know anyone here in forex that forex trading that
make real profit/income . Yes I know this game is full of risk that we need
to think about before we trading for real let say if we don’t have any
knowledge or never enough perform the demo a/c .
Anyone in the forum , make real profit from trading forex. What are your
strategy to do this. I am sure that the platform that we use need to be a bet flatform in other to see the moving curve /line that maybe
can bring some good idea how to trade using this line or the stat.
Do you know any website that I can download the curve/line learning
mean the easy reference one for a beginning like us to maintance a
good strategy about the moving of the currency market. Pls post
here if you have look at any website . I am looking for free software.
Just want to learn about it cos the platform that I"m using now don’t have this type of curve/line for me to judge the market condition.
OR the economics analysis are best among the rest . Thanks.

hi there
Even i’m new to Forex just like you i have few things in my mind.Think about this for me Forex is sometnig that you can’t interact with. What ever you do, your actions dosen’t make any action to Forex.So basicaly we are just watchers of what happening in the real world Forex.Some of people because of their knowledge and expirience can predict in some level what maight be happend wich is needed to be profitable trader but imho is not enought.You all so have manage get a maximum profit of your knoledge and get less loosing wich require a skills wich not everyone have.But question is how many traders have enought skills to be a profitable … i think not so many cause it is complicated.
Just like everything else in this world … i can give you examp with somthing that i have expirience … in the world millions people goes to train in gums … but only tousands are profesional sportist wich make money from a sport.Resaons is that only tousands combine all skills that you need to be a professional.Imho you can become real good in somthing only when those thing become you way of life … not your hobby.

What i can help is to share few PDF books to you wich i reading atm for free just contact me at my MSN : <>

That’s what this website is designed to assist you to do. If you study, work very very hard, follow all of the experts on this forums and continue to learn than someday you too can make money in forex. If you can make $$$ in the demo/game consistently than when you spend your real money you already know you will make a profit if you have the right mindset to do so. Read “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas and you will be on your way to making money. One problem I am noticing is that too many people think they can just have someone else “give them” a system and they can make it rich with little or no effort. Good Luck in your journey and if you choose to do it here than I will be seeing a lot of you because I am in it for the long haul :slight_smile:

I would have to agree with above post. Seems too many people are getting into the Forex “thing” expecting quick returns and great times to come!

HOWEVER!!! You soon hear these same sharing stories of monies lost.

To answer your question Ramzu, yes, I do make a little off the Forex. I have a set amount each month and strive for that point. It all happens from having a clear game plan, patience, and a willingness to be patient and trade as the “market” leads. I use a very simple trading stradagy, keep things as uncomplicated as possible, and trade only three pairs.

You yourself MUST develop your own stratagy. Define clear goals that you would want to accomplish and build your stradagy around YOUR expectations. Time will be the judge if you’re on the right path or not.

I wish you success in your trading!!

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Merry Chrismas To All & Thank For All The Guide .

Only a few are making it their full-time job :slight_smile: I find I make most of my money during the NY and London sessions…which of course, run during the earliest of times (1am-5am).

Don’t think you’ll get rich of this stuff right away - if ever. But it can be a fun hobby, and bring in some extra pocket change.

What everyone get for christmas? :slight_smile:

I think the last thing we should be treating FOREX as is a hobby. Yes, it most definitly can bring in some extra pocket change but the only way you are going to be able to achieve that conistently is by treating FOREX as a business rather than a hobby. I see hobbies as something you dedicate spare time to. Instead, FOREX should be traded and learned with nothing less than committed time.

If it is truly a hobby, then when you hit a losing streak or a rough patch, then the hobby loses its flavor and there is nothing stopping you from moving on to somethiong else. But when you have a bad day on the “job” (any job for that matter), you can’t just change your mind and walk away…you have to press on and commit or you will lose that job.

Don’t rely on signal services and trade alerts to make a quick buck and take the time to learn to trade. I trade full-time with enough profitability on a $25k account on fairly small leverage to make a decent living at it. I learned to trade from Jimmy Young as a mentor. Best investment I made was in education from someone who sees the market from a bank trader’s point of view. I could go on all day about how important that is, but seriously …learn to trade with Jimmy Young or anyone with real bank trading experience. It’s not easy to trade currencies and I believe if you can’t learn to make money in six months using a bank trader’s system, then you should consider a different career. Google ‘Jimmy Young Forex’ yourself and see or get more info about making forex trading a real career option at this website

90% of traders lose their money because most of them not adequate. They want to make huge percents in few hours, but trading it’s long investment process.

I’m freakin guilty.

I couldn’t sleep when I first started, and that was just last week. I’m now back on planet earth and I’m still determined to make that “quick returns” thing a reality with diligence, patience, and hard work. Nowhere on earth can I find greater (potential) value growth (legally) than through the forex.


Seven years to late! :wink:

Funny, 7 year old post dug up, just for TanGirls 1 liners…

For someone that seems to know everything about tradin, why roam for, " is anyone making money in Forex" threads,

I smell snakeOil in the room

Well, I have been fortunate enough to learn the stuff from and make money for myself initially and now for my clients too.

I consider myself to be privileged to learn from and make good living now.

So folks…keep yourself updated with knowledge and dig in…you will surely find your worth of gold.

How do you get that statement from Myfxbook to appear as a separate webpage on your website, rather than it directing you to

Its simple, Go to the Widget section under your account on myfxbook and check out the image that I have attached as reference.

Hope this is helpful.


Ah, I see, I’ve used those widgets in the past and always wondered what HTML, PDF and CSV statements are, obviously various formats.


I do think we can interact with forex, maybe not in the way you think. Let me prove my point: News comes, then you react to them, you watch the market and it affect your decision to trade now or not, you get indicators, EA’s and other tools to implement you trade, all of these and other aspects can be called interaction in a sense.

that’s right mate. No such a thing as quick returns. Most of investors assume traders lie to them because they expect very high return over reality. High return : you can get MC!

I only manage to do top 10% I know there are guys who can do lets say more but its really up to them

Every trader is different. Diff strategy and mentality

im gonna invest in his training thanks for the heads up

yea real money is involved but you have to strive hard, there are many examples of failure, but if people are not making profits then market would not have existed.