Anyone monitoring the Aussies /Asian Market

Anyone monitoring the Aussies?

I made good on my trade last week where AUD/USD took a nose dive from 0.8251 to 0.8165, my position was closed off at 0.8200 but I still made a 51 pip gain on 8 lots a cool $408…what’s next for this pair?

I’m also thinking the USD/JPY is going to plummet Sunday into Monday ,althought there is no data to show for this, but for the simple reason the Japan had a full wekk holiday I’m sure traders would just dive in…I guess we’ll see.

well as i suggested jpy crosses are down 17 pips are going…

Yes, i am monitoring this market as i trade AUD/JPY.

Hope to see some good trades this week if all goes well.

Regards, Tymen Wortel, very newbie, Perth , Western Australia.