Anyone still got Inner Circle Trader videos?

Hi guys,

I’m new to trading and i’m trying to learn price action trading. There is no doubt hours of content available for free on YouTube which i am going through day and night. However i wanted to ask if anyone still has access to ICT’s videos. He has taken everything off his website and i was saving his videos/course for my last piece of education so to speak.

Unfortunately i didn’t download anything, if anyone of you have the downloaded videos as zip files please share them with me.


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What’s the name of YouTube Channel that you are talking about?

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Yes, videos are available on YouTube; (Search by ICT Forex Videos)!

The first channel is a guy called Dale Woods. A close friend of mine watched his videos on YT (didn’t take his course) and is now very profitable for the past year or so. The second channel is called PAT, its got hundreds of 10 minute videos on PA trading.

The 1st channel is available on YouTube. Did you check ever?

yes i have all 12 parts of it

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Can you please share it with me, very much appreciated, thanks.

hey - how you doing ? did you ever get a copy of the ICT videos by chance ? - cheers Nick

hey Julian - how you doing ? did you ever get a copy of the ICT videos by chance ? - cheers Nick

Can you send to me please?!

Lol, ICT stoled the Chris Lori stuff. Period.
Real gems always within the protraderclub, thanks me later.

If they have similar content does not mean he stole anything LOL

Believe what you want to. You think its not a big deal? I learnt from both of the contents, I know the difference. ICT brought me no where, he’s just keep rumbling on the concepts, beat around the bush, why? Coz he doesn’t even know what’s he teaching at best.

Chris helped me achieved profitable trades, I have been using his framework for year, been profitable since then. The PTC concept has been there since early 2004-2007ish, while your fake guru stolen the same by 2012, lol.

Enough said, I just giving out my help of advice, I’m just screwed as I know what newbie felt with all these fake guru charging thousands teaching something he’s really doesn’t know ■■■■, I have been there. It really frustrating. Just step back and be open minded, learn from both, then evaluate whose got the real value.

Take it or leave it good luck. bye

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Were you an ICT student? Even are you chris lori’s student? Chris and ICT have worked together thats why some concepts are similar. If you have not grasped ICT content does not mean its bad lol. ICT has been teaching for free since the 90’s and started charging in 2016 when he realised people were selling his free content. I just have done my research and Im not saying someone fake guru deliberately :joy:.

ohh, I see. Thanks for the expert view. Happy piping with Michael J. Huddleston, also, don’t forget to enroll for his ‘so’ courses .

pstt: whose ever want to know about ICT, just search within the forum, ohh, here is the link What happened to the Inner circle trader? (ICT)

And if you want to see his 5k to 1mil challenge, Inner Circle Trader's 5k To 1mil - Live Trading Tracking Thread

Triggered? Don’t be crying baby. I’m not alone saying he is fake guru. If you want to believe he’s real, just go ahead why bother? Anyone can be expert in this forum, you know self-claimed. Just like Michael, I have 30+ years total of trading experiences :rofl:.

I had these videos in 2016. My computer was cleared and \i lost the videos. I have everything writen in notes but was wondering if you could send me the original videos? Much appreciated.

Hi could you send me them on a zip file or just send me them however please! I would be over the moon!

Thank you!

Did you manage to get it?