Anyone trying to get funded by prop firms?


I’m myself trying to get a funded account, had 2 but I infringed the rules and got closed down…

Currently want to do it again with FTMO 100k one

You could try CTI.

Funded with FTMO on 2nd attempt.

I chose FTMO not just because of their good reputation, but also cos they are the only Prop Firm that allows traders to use CT Trader, which is orders of magnitude nicer and more user friendly than the hideous MT4.

1st attempt, narrowly broke the max daily loss rule, when I refused to take a SL hit on a GBPJPY trade, even though the GBPJPY came back and allowed me to exit on a Small Profit, even though I went on to almost double the challenge target with that account.

Bottom line with passing the FTMO challenge, is that to do so, you need to take outsized risks for the 10% target month, risking say 1% of nominal account size per trade (which is actually 10% of loss tolerance per trade) and then perhaps reduce that for the 5% target within 2 months verification. Of course, when you pass, you can reduce your risk right down to whatever makes sense to you…and trade as little or as often as you like.

…I done the Swing Trader option, which allows for trading news events and holding over weekends, and the only thing I find to be a bit of a pain in the arse, is the Profit Split day, when the account is closed, Profits are withdrawn and/or rolled over, and a new account is opened. I have found in the approach to this date, I am not taking trades that I otherwise would be in, as nothing worse than being in a winning trade that you get forced out of underwater…and then of course you have to sit on your hands whilst a new account is being set up, which takes a couple of days, so you can’t even set a date at the end of each calendar month to end your trading period, as it will keep shifting forward.