Anyone use CMS-Forex? Are they a decent Broker? I'm new to trading the Forex, Thanks

I never traded currencies before and I was thinking of going with CMS-Forex as my Broker, I would appreciate it if anybody knows if there a good broker or not? Or what brokers might be good for someone just starting out in Forex trading? Thanks.

i am trading with mf global.

as far as i am concern,

they provide daily sms news, email

and they offer me fine spread

should u need further details

i am happy to share with you

pls email me to <>


If you are new in forex, you should do micro lot trading as well in beginning.
I dont know if CMS forex is offering micro lot trading.
You can trade with STIFX the current broker i am using, there site is there you can trade Oil, Gold, Silver and various other currency pairs. They are offering fixed and tight spreads as well micro lot trading, which is equivalent beneficial for new traders to learn and trade.

i read alot of review about CMS and it all pointed negative :frowning: I like them for their VT System but it buggy and it have crash on me before. Not so good when you trade live. Thank goodness it only a demo account.

Lot of people said they manipulate trade causing them to loose money. And they have constant connection loss and poor customer service.

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So i highly recommend doing research before opening one. That what im doing now and it look like Oanda is the choice so far.