Anyone using forex signals from online?

I have been searching the best forex trading signals online, and I entered several signal providing websites.
The return they are promising is very high, but can I believe them?
Is here anyone who is trading using other’s signal?

Please please please please do not fall into the rookie trap of trying to follow someone else’s signals. That is a one way ticket to blowing your account balance. Trust me, I know!

You need to learn your own strategy and create your own signals that suit you.

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Yes. I have my strategy that works very well.
I am using it for 5 years and made 150+% every year.
While I was in I saw a lot of traders providing signal and their return was very high, and also they showed people their trading history.
So I want to analyze their work and if it is good, I can copy them.
Did you try before?

If you’re already a seasoned trader making 150+% a year why would you contemplate following other peoples signals? If you are making 150+% a year you’re already trading at an elite level.

I’m not aware of any profitable and educated trader that would go down this route.


I am trying to learn from others and if they are good and their strategy is different than mine, then I can invest on them my rest money to have another passive income.

I don’t think following someone else’s signals can be called an investment. When you get the signal you’ll have to place the order etc etc, which takes time. Most of these signals will also come through several minutes after the signal giver gets them and not until they’ve opened their own position and then had to write a post telling you what the signal was (keyword 'was). So they are pretty pointless by the time you get them. At the end of a day they will probably tell everyone about the amazing profits they made, but very rarely confirm the losses.

If you want passive income you’ll probably need to invest in some shares that pay dividends. There is a lot of investment companies that will manage a passive income portfolio for you.

I can copy their signal and synchronize their work to mine.
while paying 30$ a month.
In case I check all the details and their profitability in person.

nobody is using them profitably, in the long term

that’s the answer to a slightly different question from the one you asked, i know

please excuse me for answering a slightly different question - i do so only because i think it’s actually a much more helpful and much more relevant question :wink:

i’m naturally very curious, and i know that i sometimes wonder about things that don’t seem to bother many people, but i can’t help wondering, if they’re such good traders, why they’re short of $30 per month, or even multiples of $30 per month?

to me, that seems very peculiar

i;ve been trading for nearly 4 decades, and there’s never been a time when i’ve wanted to sell any “signals” for $30 per month, or for any bigger or smaller amount than that, and i’m wondering why it’s what they want to do?

it’s a legitimate question, isn’t it, and rather a puzzling one, don’t you think???

i also can’t help wondering whether their marketing skills might be better than their trading skills?

i also can’t help wondering whether you have a clear understanding of “selection bias,” Paul - seems to me that it’s the ONE thing you need to understand, in this context, before paying anyone a penny to follow their “signals” - it’s explained (and in exactly the context of your original question!!) right here …

thank you.
Your explanation is very clear.

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thanks very much for never taking me the wrong way, Paul, and for appreciating that i mean everything only helpfully - i’m really grateful to you for that! :sunglasses:

Since I am a manual forex trader, I always like my trading style, and think will stick to my style and trading plan.
However now it is the era of IT and AI, so can there be many automated trading bots and methods those can make profit consistently?

Sorry to say that, but what you are looking for does not exist. look for a comprehensive trading course or book instead, I promise you will have better luck with that.

I have tried using trading signals in the past, but unfortunately, the outcomes didn’t align with the high promises they made. It made me realize that relying solely on signals might not be a sustainable approach in the long term.

I suggest to develop your own method and not relying on signals.

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Investing in a signals service is like investing in a big mine in Australia but the company won’t tell you where the mine is or what they’re mining for. For some people this could be a really good idea.


Don’t really advise to use trading signals from online, especially those you may casually face as an advertisement banner.
Usually, and, unfortunately, they aren’t valid. There re valid signals, but it refers more to copy trading, and you must carefully analyze the trader which you choose to follow.
Some brokers propose using paid signals, like you can issue a subscription or something like that. Maybe they can make sense, but try them on the demo first.

Because he is full of bs.

Like what you said, if he truly wants passive income and is already making 150% a year, he can divest into simple instruments like bonds or as you mentioned, stocks that pay dividends often.

If my goal is to sell a forex signal to the whole world, of course I would post my unrealistic very high returns. Otherwise, people wouldn’t want to buy it. Personally, I wouldn’t believe in them.

In my opinion, it’s always better to learn how to trade for yourself. I do understand that many people trying to skip the hard process of learn how to trade because trading indeed is hard. But still, signal services is not the anwer. It’s like as if you (the employee) trying to hire another person (another employee) to do the 9 to 5 job for you.

Learn to trade is never a waste of time, if you have aquired the skill, you’re not only earned the skill but your overall personality will be upgraded as well. You will become a better person that you have never thought before.

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It will be better for you if you stay away from buying signals from such websites because they are mostly fraud.

I agree with you that it is mainly frauds, but it is actually mostly because most people are too cheap and greedy.

I can completely relate to the trust issues surrounding trading signals. I’ve been down that road and personally, I’ve had a positive experience with zulutrade in this regard. It displays the performance data of signal providers like roi, win rate, max. drawdown etc. which helps copiers like me to analyze them and choose the ones who suit my needs. This transparency has pretty much enhanced my trading efficiency.