Anyone using Fusion Markets?

Anyone using Fusion Markets? Thoughts on them? Are they reliable? Anyone had some issues? I have seen they have very low commissions ($4.50 round trip on the ZERO account). Also the spreads seem to be very low.

I did check the broker some months ago. But I settled with Forexchief since they have a better reputation online and now I see why. Spread is low and there is no issues with strategy used in making profit. Freedom of trading how you want matters alot.

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Never tried this broker however started using fxview recently their commissions are even lower only $2rt and spreads are competitive.

Thanks @khanfiasa.
Forexchief is regulated in a offshore tax haven country (Vanuatu). I will not be very safe to put my money there.

Thanks @spinning.
I saw that for retail clients the max leverage is 30:1 since they are regulated with Cysec and therefore they are under the EEA. I was looking for a broker that is safe, first of all, but that allows higher leverage.

Yes, many traders use Forexchief well and no complains. Please don’t flag my post again. I don’t see why you bitter about my post. There is freedom of speech to talk about a broker that you use. All brokers have their advantages and disadvantages.

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What are you talking about dude? I did nothing.