Apple Inc. ($AAPL) Found Buyers at the Blue Box Area as Expected

Hello everyone. In today’s article, we will look at the past performance of the 1H Hour Elliott Wave chart of Apple Inc ($AAPL). The rally from 12.11.2023 low at $191.42 unfolded as 5 waves. So, we expected the pullback to unfold in 3 swings and find buyers at 195.31 - 193.16. We will explain the structure & forecast below:

$AAPL 1H Elliott Wave Chart 12.17.2023:

$AAPLHere is the 1H Elliott Wave count from 12.17.2023. We expected the pullback to find buyers from the blue box area at red 4 in a 3 swing structure (ABC) at 195.31 - 193.16.

$AAPL 1H Elliott Wave Chart 12.20.2023:

$AAPLHere is the 1H update few days later, showing the bounce taking place as expected. The stock reacted higher after reaching the blue box area.

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