Appreciationto everyone

Hi guys i just wanna thank baby pips for giving me this opportunity to learn and explore the world of forex trading its wrilly an honour to me, also thanks to everyone in here i just wanna say im new here i dont have musch to say and i wanna learn as much as i can in this place i hope you guys will help and welcome me with warm hands thank you

Howdy @freez

Welcome. This is a great place to start your trading education. Best of luck to you

Hi freez,

Babypips is the place to start. Try this thread, it includes the babypips course.

its a good place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly due to having widespread educational materials. so focus on there and bring good knowledge and experience.

education is important , no way to deny but also important is continue keep practice on demo or micro.,

Welcome freez! You’ve come to the right place to learn. We’re all here to learn and help each other so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Good luck and see you around!