Apprentice Harmonic Magician

Not much to say here but this is a personal journal where I post setups with harmonics. I do like to keep things simple and mostly trade ABCDs and Gartleys.

GJ potential setup for next week.

One current active trade. There was an ABCD earlier but just posting here so I could monitor chart progression since there seems to be a potential Gartley forming.


Another trade I’m currently in right now.

Changed GJ analysis

Stop Loss set to BE. Risk free.


Cancelled Order

EG buy limit


Stopped out

Closed for approximately 1.8 RR

Chaining a new order

Closed UJ. Didn’t wait to hit TP since I was kinda near and reward was already around 1.5 of risk.

Limit order closed. Will reopen when I get more confirmation

Set at BE at 1.20887. Let’s see if it takes me out.

Stopped out lol

GU buy opportunity