Arbitrage Trade

Hello everyone, I want to say that the arbitration which worked successfully two years ago and on which people earned money earned again. Anyone work them?

Afraid to say that if my market access firm suspect (they don’t have to prove it) I’m arbitraging, they will close my account about 10 seconds later. (I am in the UK and using a spreadbetting firm but expect the same treatment from a forex broker).

I have two brokers I work for, I can share information with you as well as with everyone. what software do you use for work?

How can you work for 2 brokers?

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I work with a westernpips Advisor. one broker using fix api Lmax allows you to work with currency, the second only works with CFDs. there is a report

I’m sorry as a new user I can not upload pictures, I hope soon to fix it

What are you thinking of doing?

I work with him, share my experience with you and listen to your suggestions, I am ready to work in a team :slight_smile:

That’s flattering, thank you. Please go ahead and post whatever you like here, and if I do have some thoughts on it I promise to post here also.
All the best.


all good night, tomorrow to continue communication :slight_smile:

Bro what are you actually wanting to do? Please just explain it in layman terms.

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I have been paying attention to HFT for years. But, there are some who claim to be profitable. but never see evidence for live account viewing (except for screenshots)
I think no one is profitable with HFT. because most brokers don’t like it

Recently I started trading with a new arbitrage EA called… guess what? ArbitronEA it has special settings to make sure the trades are open past the mandatory timelimits that will kick you out of the brokerage. I know of at least 3 live tests out there, and I just recently started one which I’ll be putting into action with today’s market open. I have a myfxbook that will feed my twitter page (@ItsATweetyBird) throughout the day, and I’m going to try to do video updates and post it on my page as well frequently.

Hello i need your EA

Who really has profit with the above method. Please share and do not cover up. so I can open my eyes. :no_mouth: