Are Forex trading systems applicable to Crypto?

Hi guys, are trading systems I’ve used for Forex markets applicable to the world of Crypto? Or does Crypto work so differently it’s best I monitor and adopt a different strategy all together?

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They definitely work for crypto!

Yes it can be applied to crypto. Study crypto charts and those with the highest volumes like BTC and ETH move very much like forex pairs.

Yes; they’re available for crypto, but my advice to you would be to stick to a single form of trading and master it. It’s problematic to switch attention to one form of trading, then into another.

If you begun trading Forex, then master it; if you begun in crypto, then master crypto. A lot of Forex Traders are still stuck working a 9-5 because they’re over-stimulating themselves in learning outside of where they’ve begun. (It is unwise to cast a net into a lake where fish is plentiful, then immediately turn your attention elsewhere.)

I’m a living testament to this principle. I’ve slept, breathed and lived Forex for over Ten years, and now it feeds me graciously, the fruits of my labor. :cocktail: :tropical_drink: :100:

Yes definitely. Technical analysis works really well on BTC and Ripple to name a few