Are most traders introverts?

:joy: Now that is an important distinction, if I’ve ever seen one.

lol, i’m not sure, probably it does (but i’m embarrassed to admit it, a little)

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I certainly am an introvert, I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I like people, I just don’t enjoy large gatherings and loud parties.

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Def no shame in being introverted especially if that means you’re a successful trader lol.

@mlawson71 I prefer someone saying they’re either introverted or extroverted. Those who claim to be ambiverts?? Mehhhh. Loljk.

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People claim to be ambiverts? What is even an ambivert?! :woozy_face: :thinking:

It’s when you’re an extroverted introvert lol. Or introverted extrovert :roll_eyes:

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Interesting observations there. A different way of looking at things. The logic tho’ stands to reason.

I don’t know whether you have seen Peterson’s “Skavlan” interview - but if we join those two lines of thought, it would also tend to imply that more men than women are Introverts ?

That makes no sense, those two things are mutually exclusive! :joy:

Not according to ambiverts! :laughing:

I could see trading turning you into an introvert, spending many hours behind the screen, technically alone. Lot’s of my friends who work from home say they went through a period of time feeling anxious about going out after spending years working from home. I see trading doing the same thing if you do it long enough.

That is certainly possible, if one was not an introvert before, especially in these pandemic times :frowning:

Definitely so! I used to work in retail and at a grocery store and always struggled because despite the fact that I smiled and was super nice to everyone, people were just so rude or would ignore you. I even had a guy say that I threw his chips once trying to get me fired and when the managers checked the footage they laughed because I put the man’s chips in the bag so delicately. Another man was drunk and reeked of alcohol, threw his change at me and when it fell on the ground he started screaming at me. Never again.

That’s why trading is a dream job for us introverts! It’s exhausting dealing with people. There are some days where I just don’t want to socialize, so I enjoy the fact that I can still work without that obligation.

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In work certainly. I think there is an aspect of introvertedness in most traders but not sure all are full blown hermits.

Why do people like this exist??? I’m so sorry that happened to you! How did that unfold if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just so curious how people come up with these situations!

Drunk people I could understand (not really). Maybe the chip dude was drunk too?

Some people often forget that retail people are actual human beings that deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, just like everyone else. :frowning:

I wonder the same thing! The chip guy actually tried to say that I was racist and that’s why I threw his chips. I literally have no idea how he came to that conclusion beause I smiled at him, asked how his day was going, and the only thing he bought was the chips so I lightly stuck them in the bag. Then he just kept staring at me like he was angry and said “I bet you wouldn’t have thrown my chips like that if I was white”. It was beyond me and he complained to my manager and tried to get me fired. Fortunately, he was a very nice man and reviewed the tape and came up to me laughing because it was so ridiculous after the man left. Still makes you wonder how often this happens and people actually lose jobs when there isn’t video evidence or the managers don’t believe the workers!

People are so so angry these days. It’s like everyone has their own narrative in their heads and they just push it onto anyone who can potentially play that role for them. Sucks you were forced to be in one. And glad you’re no longer working there!

Ha Ha the majority of people probably overlap .

Introverted traders may find that they are better suited to forex trading than extroverts. Introverts are more reserved in nature, but they are also very analytical thinkers. Many introverts might be better at trading forex because they can focus solely on the facts of an issue.

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I think extroverts are also analytical thinkers, they meet people and get to know stuff about forex trader.
Personally I don’t think your personalities affect much in your trading style, especially talking about introvert/extrovert. You just need to have a good critical thinking and sense when it come to forex trading to be able to trade well.

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