Are most traders introverts?

Sounds like a workaholic, no? Unless those are all friends calling lol. Then yes, he is Mr. Popular!

They’re certainly a workaholic, I can confirm that. :smiley:

Most are men who are more likely to learn new skills on platforms like YouTube

Are they introverts though?
I think whatever the gender of the trader, they have to feel comfortable being on their own for long stretches of time, even if they’re extroverts the rest of the time.


I think it takes all types and personality is relevant to trading style

it certainly is relevant. If one is scatter-brained and easily distracted, they’d definitely have a harder time trading.

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I think anyone who’s scatter-brained will likely find it hard to do… anything lol

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That’s true. Learning how to focus is possible, but always an effort, so the learning curve for traders with that issue is always steeper and harder.

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For sure, but maybe those types are better suited to scalping


That makes sense, scalping would require a lot less long-term focusing on the chart.


Absolutely personality has a large impact on how are you should trade an understanding yourself will make you a better trader

Personality has a large impact on everything we do, trading is no different in that regard, I think.


I can relate to this. Sometimes, I come across groups of people and I have no idea how to interact with them. I can be very social, and I enjoy it, but with certain people.

I suppose this is natural for everyone. I worked a job recently and everyone there was super social with each other. They were laughing and yelling, and having a good time.

I had no idea how to bridge that gap.

Yet, I’m comfortable being alone. I guess that’s why trading is a fit. Probably also because I’m a terrible employee. Haha


Well I’m certainly a people person and enjoy being in a crowd or social interaction. I would I guess consider myself a day trader, I don’t hold trades usually no longer than 36 hours with some being as short as 8 hours.

I enjoy trading and working on my craft at night. But when I just don’t feel like trading I don’t. Whatever the reason may be.


Yeah usually in a group setting there should be someone sensitive enough to include everyone! I hope you found someone in that work group. Otherwise that sucks. It sucks being an outsider especially being treated as one. :confused:


No no I was fine. I didn’t want to interact. I prefered not talking.

There was no sadness. I often prefer it that way. I like observing and thinking to myself.

But thanks for the concern!

Oh okay!!! That’s good!!! Sometimes I also need to remember not everyone wants to keep talking lol

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I don’t know about others, I can only say so about myself - I’m a trader and I am quite introverted by nature. So I guess I fit the stereotype?

i think there’s a difference between “traders” and "successful traders, here?

many “successful traders” are naturally oriented toward math, statistics and probability, and like those subjects

and people with “the math genes” correlate well with “introverted people”, overall, so that might be part of the reason?


Ouch lol. No need to discriminate hahaha.

Makes sense. Does this mean you are also introverted?