Are MT4 & MT5 safe?

A few people in the babypips forums have mentioned how the MT4 and MT5 platforms are fine for testing stradegies and back testing but would not use these platofrms for actual live trading becuase the platform can be used as a backdoor piece of software that allows the broker to ‘see’ a little too much. If your broker can see your stops and entires in these platforms it makes me very nervous as a begginer to use actual real money (because once your money is placed onto the market the broker could trade against your position) Am i just being paranoid or is there some truth to this ? Is there anyone in the babypips community that is making consistant profits on the MT4 or MT5 platforms ? or is this simply not possible ?
I also heard somewhere that MT5 is safer than MT4 becuase it makes your trades invisible to the broker . Is this true ?
Before I go live I just thought it would be worth asking these questions.

It’s all about execution quality and transparency, which is why where a forex broker is regulated is important.

If you’re entering orders on a trading platform, of course, the operator of that platform will be able to see your orders.

What matters is whether the quoted prices are based on actual market conditions (and not artificially manipulated) and your orders are being filled with minimal (or even positive) slippage.


MT4 and MT5 are good and pretty safe for trading. It’s normal for brokers to see your trades on these platforms. Just make sure you pick a trustworthy broker. MT5 doesn’t hide your trades from the broker more than MT4 does. Doing well in trading is more about your strategy and understanding the market, not just which platform you use. It’s a good idea to try things out with a demo account first and really look into the broker before you start.


I think mt4 and mt5 are safe unless you face any technical issues like slippage, reqoutes etc and trading have been using them for years facing no significant security threat.

The cost of manipulation is too high since if weird price spikes occur too much which doesn’t appear in the price feeds in other brokers, many traders could quit the platform when such information becomes available. It’s easier for a broker to simply B-book you and wait till you drain your account by poor money management, excessive risk-taking. Remember that 70-80% of traders lose in the medium term (6 months to 1 year) so why to take dumb reputation risk if the broker can just sit and wait.


In my personal point of view, MT products are the safest of all and i trust them the most, the second place would be for Trading view in my most trusted trading apps list.


Why is that your view? Any knowledge or just because you’ve used it?

It’s been proven that brokers on MT4 can manipulate individual accounts differently through a DLL called something like virtual dealing desk. This allows them to alter your price feed differently to the server. I am not for one second saying that all brokers do this, but why would anybody use a piece of software that has given brokers a back door to screw you over.

Ignoring that, MT4 and MT5 are incredibly outdated pieces of software. The only reasons they’re still used is they’re cheaper for brokers and people don’t like change. cTrader is so much better on almost every level. The only place MT5 wins is with hedging. If I have 10 lots long and 10 lots short, my margin is unused on MT5 but used at 20 lots on cTrader. That makes it hard to put a large carry trade on and scalp any moves that go against me to cancel the loss.


Describing MT products as “the safest of all” is just a sick joke. :roll_eyes:

It’s something that in my (very long) experience only someone who’s an affiliate IB for an MT-broker would or could ever possibly say.

Not only is it totally wrong, but ironically enough MT products are actually the only ones that aren’t safe, in this context.

Very good to see that @Chesterjohn posted just above, because the five posts above his are as ill-informed and misguided as you can ever possibly get.

Not maliciously, I know: it’s just that everyone repeats and recycles misinformation with very little real knowledge or experience of what they’re talking about. Especially the bots.

This is exactly right and exactly the point.

It’s called the virtual dealer plug-in and you can read more about it here and here.

I am. All the unregulated and almost-unregulated ones anyway.

Wake up, people! THIS IS WHY THEY’VE CHOSEN TO BE UNREGULATED (or “regulated” only on a Caribbean/Pacific island not noted for its fiscal probity, which is the same thing from their customers‘ perspective), so that they can use that plugin and steal their customers’ funds.


Both MT4 and MT5 are good platforms that I’ve used without any big problems. You can start with a demo account to practice, and if you like it, you can switch to a real account for trading.

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If there is a back door for MT4 & MT5 created by brokers than the brokers platform (assuming they have one) would be worse according to logic.

So, you’ve got a (very long) experience and you only joined BabyPips like a month ago? That totally makes sense 'cause I’ve heard BabyPips isn’t really the safest or most transparent place for traders 'cause they tend to mess around with comments and reviews.

The Ctrader Platform is being updated every three months or so… And users can vote for improvements and updates they want in a trading platform…

Comparing MT5 to Ctrader is like comparing Doom II with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III…

I’ve never been silly enough to expose my accounts to MT5 (or MT4…)… The fact that no margin is required to open an Asymmetric Hedge doesn’t sound right… I mean you still have to be able to cover the margin to open your original position, but zero’s the margin on opening of the opposing position… Hmmm…

That issue must be your Broker… If I have 10 lots long and 10 lots short open (Pepperstone Aust.) at the same time I only have 10 lots of margin applied for both positions… Making it very feasible to hedge/protect a failed trade…

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@Emi.s It’s not normal… You really don’t want your Broker aware of your trading settings…

There are Stealth Algo’s (Bots/EA’s) available that can hide your SL, TP and Pending/Limit positions from the platform so your broker cannot see them until they are automatically activated by the software…


The MT4 and MT5 are safe. That’s brokers, which can be safe or not!

also let me mention another thing, are you considering that for your TP and SL you should check different prices, I mean ask and bid price are different and for a sell or a buy order you should differ them, maybe thats why you feel like being cheated.

exactly right

threads like this are a nightmare and a disaster

information is overwhelmed and outbalanced by misinformation

even with yourself and @Trendswithbenefits and @chesterjohn here, it’s close-to-impossible to try to help anyone understand anything - the trolling, bots, ignorance and prejudice are just ridiculous :grimacing:

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Several mt4 and mt5 trading platforms are inflicted with several technical errors like slippage, requotes and dealing desk so try to trade on such a trading platform that is free from these kinds of technical issues.

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You got that right, anyway. Apparently I’m a total beginner, too, because I only joined the forum a month ago? :sweat_smile: :roll_eyes:

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Can you explain this to me? Why’s that?

Currency markets are not exchange traded instruments… There is no Globally set price for say the GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY etc… etc… Prices are set by your Market Maker Broker…

The InterBank Market (Real FX) prices are only used as a guide by ALL Brokers… Which gives them the ability to move prices to levels that are more profitable to them…

They won’t move price far from the markets perceived average price of FX Pairs for the fear of being Arbitraged against… But 5 - 10 Pips could make all the difference…

Let’s say if they could see that most of their clientele’s positions are short on say the GBPUSD… It’s going to be more profitable for them to move price (spike) up slightly from the current price because of the possibility of hitting stops, stretching margins or have clientele close losing positions in an attempt to cut their losses…

So if your Broker cannot see your TP/SL levels on the Charts… There is less chance of having your Broker push price into a zone/level where they can garnish high Liquidity or Volume of Stops or Limit Orders waiting to be activated…

This is just a brief overview explanation of how the Market works… I hope it answers your question…