Are order blocks bad

I’m not mocking you for being a programmer for 40 years. Just congratulating you for being able to mention it. Every. Single. Day. Shine that trophy, my brother.

I don’t need your congratulations. I don’t need your validation. I don’t need your permission.

All that is simply nonsense.

Don’t you have a thread you’re working on?

I would think your time would be all taken up by that.

Numpty. Dinkus. Hurtful words my friend. Bad hurtful words.

Again, congrats for the number crunching programming experience and all the chances you are able to take every day to explain to us “lowers” what that really means. We appreciate you.

But do me a favor, why don’t you describe for me how you think that order blocks are calculated

I have zero interest in order blocks.

Tell me more about moving averages bad.

Have a wonderful day :wink:

Looks like this thread needs to discuss “order” rather than order blocks. :grinning:

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I wish they would behave and stay on topic, cuz I dont like that.