Are order blocks bad

Good day guys so the thing is I have been reading about order blocks and all and I see it works well on the lower TF, but the thing is I find out that on babypips and trading view when most people post analysis, I never see order blocks analysis only the normal way of trading…is it that the hype around order blocks is not worth it or what because am expecting everytime I see analysis on either tradingview or babypips, it should always be order blocks


Order blocks are a specific type of trading and thought process. It takes a while to learn and you need to know smart money concepts like liquidity and order flow to get the most out of them


Bro I understand this…this is more like a reply v seen on quora over and over what am saying is that with the way people or some people hype it and call it the kings of the market, alot of the analysis that are here on babypips and on tradingview should be about order blocks strategy and all but that’s not the case…it’s now starting too look like it’s over hyped and besides I have met two so called order block traders and it’s not worth it… so are order blocks over hyped because I believe by now with OB and all…brokers and prop firms should be having issues

I’ve been looking into this too. I think there’s lots more to it than just finding them near a large trend change.

Here’s my thread. Came across them when looking into ICT.

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hello mate. order blocks, smart money concepts and institutional trading methods to me are the advanced side of the market.

after learning on Babypips, I went in search of them. you are right though, only a few analysis and setups on Babypips use these concepts. they are not easy to find as most people prefer using the simple retail trading methods.

you have not searched widely. I belong to many groups on trading communities on facebook and Discord that focus on these institutional concepts.

you will see crazy setups with order blocks, smart money concepts and wyckoff analysis etc

there are legends out there I have met who make a killing with pinpoint accuracy using Order Blocks. and I also use them in my trading too.

you just have to keep searching more. all the best. :+1::+1:


If you use htf OB you will see when you go down to ltf like 15m there’s smaller OBs
To get better RR use the smaller lower TF ones .
Also there’s liquidity traps beneath EQHS and lows so only use the OBs either side of those

Can you explain this?

This is what I feel like is happening now too. I almost think like it’s the same but just remarketed as something new and different?

“Order block” trading is nothing new. It’s just taking the concepts of accumulation/distribution from the Wyckoff method and repackaging it as a new marketing term.

Order blocks are supposed to show the accumulation or distribution of orders from big market players. Nothing wrong with that premise as that does happen. In order to prevent suffering massive slippage, these large market participants (so-called “smart money”) need to seek liquidity areas (price levels where they are enough resting orders to absorb or offset their orders).

But the flaw in the way that order blocks are taught is the assumption that these “big market players” are a homogenous group…which they aren’t.

In the end, it’s really just a glorified way of trading support/resistance zones but with a better understanding of why these areas hold as support/resistance.

For folks who trade price/volume action, none of this new.

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For me i think trading OB one of the smart money concept is very good. Where i’m currently doing classes we base on those concepts others are liquidity, imbalance etc and it works.
All you need to do is to do is to identify those position very and make a good analysis and you’re good to go.
My humble opinion.
Why not do research on that???

Dude… Honestly you are being lazy and asking the wrong questions.

The only way you are getting an answer is by going back in your charts and backtesting if trading order blocks can be a good business for you.

Just design a strategy for order blocks and test It!

Nothing is 100%… some OBs Will be respected… others ignored… others used for stop runs and liq grabs.

You need to test them in the context of the strategy and instruments YOU trade.

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U will just open your mouth anyow and talk anyow just because I qsked a question…cos whats has laziness gat to do with this…if I insult you now, its another thing you will be saying …just asking a simple oquestion and you are here misyarning and opening your mouth anyow …anyways I dont use order blocks just asked about it and never will I cos all the nonsense traders I have met using order blocks, smc and ict are liars, they don’t know ■■■■…but thank you for the unsolicited reply…do have a lovely day

Truth hurts man! There is no place for “simple questions” in this business…

“I have been reading about order blocks and all and I see it works well on the lower TF”

If it works well… why don’t you use it? you don’t like making money or what?. I think the only liar here is you. You just say “it works well”. In all my life, I haven’t heard a single trader saying that something works well, but they don’t use it. It would be a bit dumb wouldn’t it?

Anyways… good luck

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Tested some OB indicators on Tradingview and this was my experience.

Price would respect some, reverse off, and others price would just go right through. They’re not a holy grail type thing. But it’s enough for me to keep them there as another data point.

I’m a computer programmer and I enjoy crunching numbers.

I tell you there is no way under the sun to calculate order blocks or clumps of trades that are getting ready to cause a move in One direction or the other.

But do me a favor, why don’t you describe for me how you think that order blocks are calculated and I promise I will listen very carefully and if you present a decent idea I’ll tell you how you code it.

No, I’m not trying to get you to tell me anything cuz I don’t want your system but I’m just suggesting that you cannot describe for me mathematically how an order block is calculated.


Thank God you got a chance to say that again…phew.

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People that can’t trade always resort to insults to get what they want.

Mr JD trades FX is actually trying to rile me up.

Fat Chance.

Was simply congratulating you. Wouldn’t want you to miss a day :man_shrugging:t2: I’d feel terrible.

No, actually that’s not what you’re trying to do.

You’re being a smart aleck.

You’re mocking me because I’ve been programming for 40 years.

Now I asked you how long have you been programming?

Not like I really care.