Are Popular Strategies on Forex Forums Really Profitable?

This is the question that one of my friends asked me so instead of answering it right away, from my 10+ experience, I decided to find some of the most popular strategies on forex forums and backtest them to see how profitable they are — because obviously, I haven’t tested most of those strategies so my answer may not be solid.

I created the same thread in another forex forum and asked people to suggest some popular strategies on that forum, however, since I’ve been a member for a long time there, I had some of them in my mind.

I didn’t know what the exact section is to open this thread here so I chose Trade Journals so let me know if there is a better place for this topic.

Anyway, I tested one popular strategy and I’ll show you the results in the next posts.

In the meantime, if you know a popular strategy on babypips, post it here so I’ll backtest it to see how it performs.

By the way, I’m talking about the strategies that haven’t been programmed and don’t have EAs. I’m talking about manual backtesting using some simulators made for this purpose such as fxblue free backtesting simulator, because I don’t think there’s any popular programmed strategis for free here, I’ll be happy to see one though.

Anyway, please suggest strategies that you know.

The strategy that I backtested is related to trading made simple thread on FF. The thread has been around since 2011 and has more than 5000 posts so generally that can be a good pick.

I backtested the strategy for 3 separate years, 2013, 2017 and 2020

That didn’t go well and I lost money in every one of those years.

links are stats on FXBlue

2013 :



I explained the strategy along with the entire process of backtesting in the following video. After taking lots of positions in this strategy and seeing the different angles of it for 3 years, I found the weakness of it too. I made some suggestions in the video that might improve the strategy.

Here’s a really popular one:

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Thanks, I’ll put this in my backtesting list.

For the next strategy, I’m going to backtest another topic from the FF which is hot nowadays. The thread called Roadmap by LauraT.

There are several indicators in the system but the base of strategy is on moving averages. basically, you detect the bias of the market by a simple moving average with the period of 200 and enter the market when the price enters a channel made of two EMAs 8, high and low.

Anyway, you can read the topic if you want to know more, however, I’ll explain that in the next video along with the results of the backtests.

Let’s see if this strategy is really profitable…

We’ll figure that out in a few days

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I backtested the Roadmap strategy on 3 separate occasions. In the first 2, the account suffered losses, however, I changed some parameters and tested again.

Well, this time the changes worked and the strategy made a profit.

Results of the first attempt:

Second backtest:

Third backtest:

I explained the strategy as well as the changes I made to find the best set of rules for it in the following video.