Are there any email marketing experts here?

Hi there!

Hope I’m in the right place to ask my question, because I’m currently interested in different email marketing techniques and would like to hear opinion of some experts.

Well, I faced the following situation: recently I developed my new E-commerce project related to the trading topics and cryptocurrency, and started the promotional strategy based on Facebook Ads, guest posting and some sponsored links. I obtained some success with my referral traffic, but I missed some time with my email campaigns and newsletters for my subscribers.

Now I would like to make a few interesting emails related to the holiday discounts for my clients and to improve the personalization of my email content, but I don’t have any experience in email marketing and how to do it correctly. I found a lot of interesting blog posts on this topic and want to follow their tips:

But maybe someone could give me practical advices based on your personal experience: what type of emails are more effective / what marketing automation system to use / how to improve your email personalization etc. ?

Thank you for your recommendations :wink:


I used to be into network marketing prior to forex, and I used AWeber for my email automation. It was like $20 a month for 0 -500 subscribers, and it increases after you get more than 500 I believe. Check them out! It might be what you’re looking for. Constant Contact is what my job uses for our marketing email campaigns


All I know about email marketing is I hate receiving it. I never ever open a marketing email, even if its from a firm I regularly buy from. And that’s even though here in the UK the firm has to ask your permission to send you emails and I always give them my email address - its just easier to not argue and bin the emails.

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Take a look at Aritic. I hear good things about it but I have never used it myself.

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I work in the SEO niche and mail marketing is one of the tools I do not like at all. Too much effort for poor conversion, but cheap enough. I like SEO backlinks much more. they increase your google ranking and you get your organic traffic from google searches. In this method, you have to make much effort in the beginning, but soon you will get much more sales and traffic.

How big is your list / company? What @justshell mentioned is spot on, Constant Contact, Aweber, Sendinblue, MailChimp… good starter ones. Drip is also a good one to look into. :slight_smile: