Are there signal services worth paying for?

Are there signal services worth paying for? I ask this because I saw someone how provides signals and last month he made 10.000 pips and he asks for 150 dollars per month, who would give signals that make so much pips and ask for only 150 dollars, if you trade with 0.01 and make 10.000 pips that means 1000 dollars a month, with let’s say only 500 dollars invested into an account.

What if trading is being done through proper learning and you will be able get the positive results from trading. Never depend on the paid signals just practice properly and increase analysis over the market to make the right entry and exit.

How can you judge whats worth paying for and why would someone do something if you have to ask what you asked? You’re asking the wrong question. You should be asking yourself instead of why would someone offer signals for whatever, why would someone in this form take their time to do my work for me and tell me what in their opinion is the difference between cost and value.

Trading is about making decisions plain and simple. You want to make more good decisons than bad ones. The 3 steps to making good decisions are 1. Gather the relevant facts. 2. List the relevant options. 3 Pick the least of the evils.
Example of gathering relevant facts. First go through baby pips school to get enough knowledge to be able to gather relevant facts. In the meantime test out signal services by 1st going through the ones that are free on this website. Look for ones that have been doing it for awhile first. Subscribe to 3 or 4 of their threads so everyday you’ll get notified when they give you a signal. You can ask how did they come to the conclusion they came to and most will be happy to tell you.

If first you learn how to forecast yourself, then you would be in a position to look at value as well as cost and make your decisions based on facts and options available. When I first came to this site earlier in the year, my intention was to hire a signal service instead of learning the whys and hows until someone told me the same thing I’m telling you. I still am subscribed to some of the free signal threads but instead of taking the signals on blind faith, I can see if theirs matches with mine and see where I’m act.

10000 pips of what ? USDZAR ? measuring profitability in pips is such a bad idea

This is a perfect example of why you want to learn yourself. “Never” You just got some advice concerning “never” without knowing is that “never” a fact or his/hers opinion? Does shanza know you; your goals; your situation? Do you know him? How can you judge if this is a relevant fact or option? Learn some basics then you’ll be in a better place to make decisions.

Of course that’s just my opinion

Give it a run.

Just realize your money is in their hands, and thats your risk you choose to take…

Would also like to add, the more people the dude gets, baiting with low monthly rates, he can rake in some good money, $16,000 just for 100 people…

Maybe the provider feels he wants to help people at a low rate.

Never know the reasoning,