Are We the Loneliest Generation?

Dagogo’s erudite, fascinating reflections have risen to new heights in this episode. His venture in humanities this time, is profound though visually and factually, science supported content with evidence-based commentary is amazing…

Lonlieness is a hot issue culminating in today’s iteration of humanity, and so well developed alond a timeline of historic landmarks propelling this malady as a clear alarm now for redress.

Coldfusion TV needs to be more mainstream for the inquiring public. There is a wider audience out there, but many media consumers are not aware of this kind of journalism - like watching a academic thesis as a documentary. But, said in neutral, plainspeak. No doubt, some of Dagogo’s music is subtly informing the mood of the narrative.

Not sure of the the pronunciation of “scourge” or “concomitant”, is how I remember, but this episode is a ground breaker for me…

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Interesting watch, Trends! :open_mouth: I’m just like 4 minutes in and I just had to pause when the expert said that loneliness is comparable to smoking when it comes to the detriment it causes our health. :open_mouth: Watching this also brought me back to this question I asked way way back: Is forex a lonely business?