Is forex a lonely business?

Hellooooo! :blush: It’s always so amazing to me how I find something that intrigue me by just casually reading threads here. :sweat_smile: And on one of the threads, a trader said that not a lot of traders talk about how trading gets lonely, maybe especially for full-time traders. :frowning: What do you think? Do you have moments like that in your trading (not just because of losing, of course :sweat_smile:)?


I think the loneliness of trading really acts negatively on some traders. It certainly seems to cause them stress and anxiety. These are displayed in problems with trading decisions, self-doubt, even paranoia.


I feel like if trading is the only thing you’re doing all day, then yes it is extremely lonely. Just imagine being at home all day without anyone to talk to except internet friends. But I suppose it depends what one’s loneliness threshold is…


I would actually like more time alone, without being interrupted all the time, to do my trading!


I think in order to become a professional trader, you have to spend all your time. Also, learn and gain experience.
This may not be possible for everyone.
People who do not have enough time can use profitable expert advisors and spend their time on other jobs.
In this case, they have both invested and have a source of side income and do not get involved in excessive stress and excitement.

In my opinion, I don’t think trading gets lonely since this kind of job needs a long time to learn, practice and gain so a trader can do it alone most of time, of course sometime we need help/discussion from a forum/group. I just feel lonely because I can’t tell to my friends, my family that I’m a full-time trader. I work hard every day but they think I just stay at home to cook meals, take care of my kids, that’s all. Since forex is something not familiar with people around me, they don’t know about FR or if they know FR is something like gaming, that’s all. I think it’s not easy to tell everyone about my current job because when you tell everyone you have a job it means you have a certain salary and benefit from the company but I currently don’t have it yet. Only my husband knows what I’m doing, even my mom, I can’t tell her about my job yet until I become a profitable trader.


Totally true, it gets really lonely as a trader especially when you are just starting out and you have to under go the challenges of trading the markets, creating multiple systems before you get the one that works for you, trying to master what influences the prices, having to lose money multiple times and through out these challenges there is no one who understand what you do to hold your hand and tell you it’s going to get better you have to be that person for yourself.

It’s a lonely process but it’s also lonely at the top, and we picked our own loneliness so we just have to stick with it until we get strong enough to handle these emotions and find ways to make what we are doing not feel lonely at all.


is not lonely , but likely you will become an addict because it is Gambling not trading . Gambling addiction it is very hard thing to deal with . At the moment you download the MT4 on your PC , you F**Ked up . you are a victim for many coming years .

From that point you may feel that your are lonely since you will loss a lot if time that you could spend with your family , loss a lot of money you could enjoy it .
Now if you use science to gamble it is an other story and will be turn point in your life which is very hard with who addict on gambling

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Never feel lonely trading. I have my kitty who naps on my desktop. He feels safe, and enjoys the background music and watching the birdies from the window.


It’s certainly ideal for introverts who have a naturally higher threshold for loneliness than extroverts.
I’m an introvert, and it can sometimes get lonely even for me. It even gets plain old boring. But, I take breaks.

I wonder how many introverts vs extroverts are in the forum…

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I would dispute that. Whist having an obsessive compulsive personality type is likely a key trait, as is having an appetite for taking on risk, actually being addicted to the hormone releases from winning or losing (i.e. being a gambler) will get you killed as a trader.

If you have the capacity to stick at it, and understand that the ‘finish line’ will keep on extending itself further and further out, you will eventually get to a point where you find yourself generally much more profitable than ‘lossable’, at which point you could start increasing the amount of capital you risk…or opt for a Prop Firm fund…

…that ‘Finish Line’ you likely have in your head someway off down the line, will however never be reached. There is no ultimate comfort or satisfaction in this game.


Trading attracts gamblers. But they don’t stay…

There is a positive side to trading being, arguably, a lonely business - no boss, no customers, no commuting, no company policies from head office, no office politics, no incompetent middle managers, no HR, no logging out on a specific code to go to the loo.

And best of all, nobody can poke their nose into what you do with your own money.


i just think of taking trading as a freelance business. You are your own boss and not having to rely on anyone for doing your job.


All excellent perks there tommor.I’d like to add no cost of fuel and the dreaded
work traffic… :sweat_smile:


No, not at all. Forex is rather an interesting business.

I would count myself neither in extroverts nor in introverts. Maybe Ambivert, just moody. Also, from a psychological point of view, I think lonely is a negative term being used for forex.

Depends on your personality to be honest. I used to hate working in an office with people so trading suits me fine but I can understand that if you crave that sense of community then you may struggle with that.


Nah I don’t think it’s a lonely business. Everyone can trade, both introverts and extroverts.

It isn’t! I am an extrovert and enjoys socialising, but I also enjoy trading on the side, so I sincerely don’t believe that only lonely people come here to trade.

Me too! Since I am an extrovert who enjoys interacting with others and as well as trading in forex market, I truly don’t think that lonely people are the only ones that come here to trade. Anyone with keen interest for trading is welcome in forex.