Are You a Discretionary, Mechanical or Hybrid Trader?

Though I have been a member for a long time, I am back after some years of absence. I thought I would check how many of the School of Pipsology quizzes I had completed. Not nearly as many as I remember.

Anyway, for newbies, before asking questions, it may be useful to check the Trading Psychology quiz. I always thought I was more comfortable as a mechanical trader, but answering the quiz questions confirmed this to be the case. Worth a couple of minutes to find out your natural psychological profile before investing more time in Trading. :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @Mondeoman! That sounds like a great idea!

For those who want to take the quiz for themselves, please feel free to check out this link:

We look forward to hearing more about your results!


I took the quiz and it said that I’m a mechanical trader.

LOL. I’m the furthest from a mechanical trader that you may find.

I was thinking of taking the quiz - then I realised this wasn’t mentioned in my trading plan, so I guess I’ll never know…

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It wasn’t in mine either back in the day when I was “one of the 99%”. But since the first milestone objective of my new trading system is “to learn NOT to lose money”, I decided to compare my new trading system and plan (based on some online learning completely unrelated to the BabyPips forum) with BabyPips, and found a mechanical tool (the quiz) to tell me what I already knew. Confirmation bias aside, I think I have ticked the box for box-ticking sake, but it makes me feel like a winner. :slight_smile:

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It says I’m a mechanical trader! :stuck_out_tongue: Haha. :smiley: Although, there were some questions that I wanted to change my answer but I wasn’t able to do so. :open_mouth: I wonder if the answer would be the same if I was able to change those couple of answers. :sweat_smile:

Well done. On the assumption that robots will rule the world, perhaps in our lifetimes, we should celebrate diversity. I feel sorry for all those lost souls who are not robotic. By the way, there is one thing I get 100% right for the past 30 years. I always agree with my wife. She is the boss, and I would never question otherwise. Just have to learn to approach the Forex market like my wife. And we all know the market is always right.

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Hmmm. :thinking: Now that I think about it though, I actually think I’m a hybrid trader. Haha. Although I do follow strategies etc, I sometimes enter and exit trades due to my own discretion. :thinking: Hmmmm.

HAHAHAHA! :joy: :joy: Must be such an amazing woman!

She is indeed, to put up with me for thirty years!

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