Are you a trader or a gambler ---- Quote

Firstly I am a novice, subject Binary options
On my first investment of 1750gbp my account manager advised me to put all monies ie 1750gbp
on 1 trade. I mention at the time my concern if the trade lost I would be wiped out. However he assured me he would replace my investment if it was a loss.The trade won yippee. Next trade all monies from my investment plus winnings went on to another trade [guess what] IT WAS A LOSS!! However I was wiped out, but I was to understand that my 1750gbp would be credited to my account HA!! only when I put into my account another 1750gbp This was not mentioned
before! he would then credit my account,
, for which he did. Being a novice /niave I thought if I wanted to withdraw all monies from my account 3500gbp
Not so! the system would only allow me 1750gbp
I was under the impression It was advisable to only stake 1/2 percent of your total account
money. QUESTION-- Is this advice the norm, in Binary Options from there account managers I look forward to your comments.
From I believe— A QUICK LEARNER
Many thanks


I am sorry for your bad experience with binary trading, but you should understand what they did is according the terms and conditions of the company. This means that before you dive in binary or any other trading, you should inform yourself and read the company’s terms and conditions.

The house advantage a casino has on a roulette wheel is less than your broker has on binary options.

For the time being i have decided to stay away from trading in the Binary options as i am not able to get any income in them :wink:

Binary options are nothing more than a casino.

The Risk-Reward is 1-0,7 on average.
You play against the broker and broker makes money from people placing their bets. It does not place your trades on the market. It does not need to, considering that 90% of people are losing and considering that those who are placing large bets with no regard to money management are losing too overtime.

People make money from binary options but not by trading. They give affiliate links to noobs and earn 30-50% of what noobs lose.

Sometime emotion leading me in reckless decision , faced with loss is not expected actually buit after loss often it will messed up my minds and being reckles in decision making sometime use higher risk taker, it’s about bad emotion although in minds understand if greedy only harmful account

I was a gambler at very start of my trading career but now I’ve learned a lot and trade with proper money management.