Are you addicted to trading

You wish the holiday season would hurry up and be over with so you could get back to trading.

Trading while on vacation, The time you should be relaxing.

Families, friends, wives, girlfriends, and sex are less important than trading.

Seeking adrenaline rush- Deriving pleasure from your trading activities.

Obsessing - Trading, researching, watching the markets, and reviewing your holdings become obsessive

Inability to break - Trying to give up trading is unsuccessful.

Experiencing urges - Giving in to your urges and compulsion to trade

Feeling stressed - Experiencing anxiety and other, similar emotions when you aren’t trading

Making excuses and keeping secrets from those close to you

Unfortunately, I am an addict


Well, the price of success is high.

If it were easy, everybody would do it.

Not all addictions are destructive. Better to be addicted to trading than to eating. That is, unless you’re losing all the time. The only time it’s a problem is when you’re losing. haha




Exceptional Success Takes Commitment, Time, and Sacrifice: No Shortcuts to Achieving Goals and Dreams


You might want to reframe that. To me it sounds like you’re a Cleaner like Tim Grover talks about in his book Relentless.

I think you’ll get a lot out of this interview of Tim Grover:


The irony is that in this interview about relentlessness, his first story is about how he lost a 1 on 1 basketball game, then quit. haha

But sometimes, you gotta quit some things, in order to focus on your real objective.

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hello my friend
it is a very good question
i think that is like leverage, a double edge sword
it can ruin your trades or if you can control it it can help you to spend your time a lot on that and will bring you some results
so i think if the answer is yes, it is not bad necessary and can make you good result in a long time point of view


Here, CT talks about obsession. He says that without obsession, you’ll never reach your potential. You can change obsession for any other synonym that you like.

No one accomplishes their real potential without having some kind of obsession about it.


Well, yes. And I love it.

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Absolutely, I agree. However, ‘obsession’ might not be the best word choice. Perhaps ‘dedication’ or ‘passion’


Upon further consideration, I believe I am more dedicated.

Addicted - is an adjective that means having a compulsive, chronic, or psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior, or activity.

Obsession - the state of being obsessed with someone or something:

Passion - a strong liking to some activity, object, or concept.

Dedication - the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose: