Are You an Optimist, a Pessimist, or a Realist?

Whether this is during a difficult time in trading, just a regular 'ol day, or when everything’s going right, which one is your “default” mode?

For reference, here’s an image I found:


I’m personally a realist but when things are going downhill, I unfortunately tend to be a pessimist (which can make one a very risk-averse trader)! How about you?

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I’m a happy realist. I believe things will work out, because they always do: that I will do alright, because I am lucky: that most people are nice, because they have usually been nice to me.


I am hopelessly optimistic, and like tommor, I get lucky most of the time. Luckier than I deserve, but then again I just tell myself I am lucky before the events, and I am most often pleased that the outcome is what I thought it would be - can’t remember who said Thoughts become Actions (maybe Tony Robbins or that type), and it is true.


Regretabily, I am in the realistic / pessimist class as my opinion of the human race is that their governments will be willing to destroy the planet.

For me it depends on my mood I guess,

Sometimes there are small situations, that doesn’t affect me long term at all and I tend to be a pessimist and get myself depressed thinking about it.

Sometimes there may be relatively impactful things happen and I could be a pessimist or even a realist and understand the situation.

This happened to me in both good and bad situations. (For example my favorite sports team losing a match - in real life that has no meaningful impact in my future, but still I get upset/ depressed over it. and in another time for the same thing I just forget about it easily thinking that’s the nature of sports or there’s always the next match or they just lost one match they still could win the series

So in these situations the difference is my “present mood” so I believe being an Optimist / a pessimist or a Realist changes according to your mood at that particular time.

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That’s a famous quote often used by “Law of Attraction” Gurus. "Thoughts become Actions / Things / A reality, If you can imagine it, it become a reality "

In the book and movie “The secret” the whole basis is that statement. Bob Proctor and also Tony Robbins often use this.


I’d say I’m generally an optimist whenever I’m helping with other people’s problems. If there’s a silver lining, I’d find it. :open_mouth: But whenever I face my own problems, I start going down a spiral of emotions and anxiety, and I become an intense pessimist. :frowning:

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The shoemaker always has the worst shoes. I say, you’re strong for others, be strong for yourself, too!

Hi ria_rose,
This is very hard for you to accept, but you know me well on this forum. I do honestly believe in “The Secret” and all that stuff that Nick1864 relates back to the origin.

I also believe that every living person needs to experience what winning feels like. A human mind is its worst critic. Seek the company of others who can show you on a daily basis what it means to win. That doesn’t need to be a positive outcome to a forex trade. It can be the simplest of things that you can find it in your heart to praise within yourself. I believe that every child is born with unlimited potential, and most of that potential is lost on a daily basis when that child is exposed to the limitations of all around her, whether that be low consciousness parents, teachers, bullying peers, or observing bad vibrations in our environment. I often tell people that I didn’t know my family was poor when I was a child. I had almost unlimited support from my parents and brother and sisters. I rebelled at school, but seemed to get away with it. I thought detentions and a 3 foot ruler across the backside like a bit of golf practice was what I deserved for being naughty. I knew most people at school (and later in work) were great examples of the sheeple that our society produces to make everyone think it is OK to be a wage slave. I was blessed from the start. And I try to spend a lot of my time as I get older trying to show others how to win on a regular basis, to be happy with what you are inside, never to compare yourself with others but to strive to compare yourself today with what you know you can be tomorrow. My recent interest in meditation and consciousness has only strengthened my belief that you become what you think. The outside world to me is The Matrix, and I am The One (Neo). :pray:

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Optimist I guess.