Are you feeling the inflation happening where you live?

The answer is yes!
In my hometown, you just needed 1$ to buy 10 chicken eggs, now you need almost 2$. Many other things have doubled, I don’t know because I just send mom money everymonth, but my mom seem is whining about her remaining money after deducting My family’s monthly market.

Yup, all of it. I can’t imagine these prices dropping back down even after the supply chain/employment issues are fixed.

It sucks for everyone. Where do you live? Our eggs here cost about $2 for 18.

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Definitely so. Noticed gas prices first. It went from around $32 to $48 to fill up my car and even more than that for my husband’s truck. His job gave him a $2 raise so that he’s making $23 an hour, but we actually see less of that money because of the increases.
I live in Alabama and there are also reports that home prices are going to skyrocket. I paid $1200 for an apartment back in 2019, so I can only imagine how high rent and mortgage payments will go. This is also a state where the minimum wage is still $7.25 per hour.
Reports are also saying that grocery prices are going to go up as well, but I haven’t noticed that as much yet. Definitely not enjoying the inflation these days.

Yup. Definitely a pain to be driving around these days. It sucks because what is the point in getting wage increases when everything else increases too lol

Home prices everywhere near I live is insane. I’m in North Carolina. It’s just ridiculous. House prices increasing by $100-$200k in a matter of MONTHS. :skull:

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Can somebody please tell this to home buyers in the North East of England, please? We invested there 15 years ago and the properties are now worth less than we paid for them!

WHAT! How is that possible!

After the 2008 financial market crash, the government dropped the amount of money they paid the unemployed for housing benefit by about 30%. Over time, in a market dominated by private landlords and tenanted largely by chronically unemployed, the valuations dropped by same. Logical when you think about it - but totally unexpected in 2006/2007. My low risk approach of investing in a working class area where the government would make up deficit of ability to pay was one of the biggest assumptions I got wrong over a decade ago. I have been paying for that since with over-leverage in the property market. It could be worse. They could all be empty. That was Spain - all building stopped and we had working class builders as our tenants. We got out of all that by 2009, but it left scars on our bank accounts.

So it likely won’t happen this winter, by the looks of it.

Hmm that’s interesting it never recovered. How does the area look?

Some streets look like Beirut with 1/2 the houses boarded up. Others are a bit better.

:frowning: That is awful, where is that?

Looking at the fuel prices I can definitely say yes.

Ah no wonder then. Makes sense. Sorry to hear, hope it gets better in the coming uh… decades :sweat_smile:

I realy hope it won’t take decades for things to get better :frowning:

I hope so too. But I think it would be best for us to prepare for this situation to worsen/remain the same for the next few years.

Unfortunately, that is the most likely scenario. :frowning:Sometimes I lose hope our generation will ever be able to go back to life as it was before.

I’m surprised by NE England.

Are there any signs of post-covid recovery or the levelling up that the Govt have been talking about way back when George Osborne was chancellor?

`The inflation genie is out of the bottle’
as consumer sentiment takes a hit and Californians pay $12 for a regular burrito

Article – MSN


"Big-name firms like bond giant PIMCO are warning that the headline CPI rate is likely reaching 7% over the next several months. And average Americans are paying as much as $100 to $200 for a single concert ticket, $90 for a bottle of wine, and $5 a gallon for gas while the Federal Reserve is sticking to its view in its Nov. 3 policy statement that inflation pressures are expected to prove transitory."

How long do they think a transitory period lasts :confused:

Guess we’re all eating eggs and milk lol.

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