Are you guys okay with today's big wawe

I hope u ok, but unfortunately I’m not ok today:(
I’ve held a GBPCHF long position several days, with EURUSD short position.
Today when I opened the platform, my EURUSD was closed, but my GBPCHF was still exiting!
I’ve set a stop loss, FXCM just didn’t close it.
I lost all today.
Luckily I didn’t put lots of money in it, I’ve long known FXCM is not a trusty company.
I talked with some of my friends, these companies still operated well: Ib, cmc markets, ig, lma, oanda
Really good companies!!
I won’t use FXCM anymore!!

Hi Maxsteve,

I encourage you to file an inquiry for your trade. That way the Trade Services Team can follow up with you with a resolution.