Are you prepared?

Hey all,

I just read a report on how the next solar magnetic storm could cause mass power outages, across the globe, and it would take up to a year to recover, at a cost of 1.5trillion dollars.
During that time, the financial markets would cease to exist, as no electricity, means no trading.

Just wondering what others plan to do if such an event occurs?
Cuz its not a case of if it will occur, just when it will…

Assuming you trade for a living.

Also…what would happen if you put on 10 lots, just before the storm, and it crashed.
Would they have to “find” your position after the power goes back on?
Since its all electronic bookeeping… would it have been erased by the power outage?? Money lost?? hmmm

Like to hear your thoughts :smiley:

If there was no electricity in the world, I think we’d have bigger problems to deal with than when we could put our next trade on.

[B]I think this isn’t even worth wasting mental energy on, as it science fiction.[/B]

If a, “magnetic solar storm,” from the sun somehow reached earth, you wouldn’t have to worry about electricity. We would all be dead because most of the planet would be fried, we would be dead.

Magnet fields don’t move all by themselves, for no reason, some part of the sun would follow. The magnetic field would only move if some large part of the mass of sun moved.

The earth has been around for millions of years of evolution, I think we are relatively safe, if at least for some millenias to come.

Uhhh…no we wouldnt.

There was a solar storm back in 1859 which downed all the telegraph lines.
And now with all our interconnected technology were waaay more vulnerable to such things.

But of course for millenia weve been fine throughout every storm. Because nothing we had could be affected. All we got back then was pretty lights in the sky. Auroras reaching florida etc etc.

But youre talking of world destruction???
I think youre thinking of something else.
As in a solar flare, lierally reaching earth. Which of course would kill everything, but that could only occur if the sun was several times larger than it already is.
Like you say…in millions of years.

Im talking about geomagnetic storms on the sun that give off bursts of radiation which can shut down grids.

I would recommend only keeping a fraction of your trading capital with your broker, say 20-30%. The rest you could leave with reputable depository institutions! If THEY lose my money then we’d be in chaos and I wouldn’t feel too bad at that point heh.

Always good to have some cash too!

If it really did happen, I would recommend investing in some seeds, a few farm animals, a good supply of books and a weapon of your choice (to keep the mobs away).

no, i am very new to this field.learning many thing of this part but i have a very interested part in this .so i am not prepared just now.

Not me Ill have no worries I use a VSP hehehehe

Me too!!!

No worries at all

Forex and Sci-Fi: never thought two of my very favorite things could be linked together, but here we are. :slight_smile:

That could be the new explanation for screw-ups.

Instead of blaming the blown account on our broker, we could instead blame the aliens! :smiley: