Arithmetic in the modern economy - lets investigate


60% of young people now go to university with the objective of getting a degree.
Of those who go to university 60% are girls.

So we have to assume that these young people are expecting to get employment and in order to make it worthwhile they have to receive wages greater than Average wage for doing a job which is probably office based and likely to involve supervision of others. It is important to note that a college degree will cost in USA terms somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 and these people will leave Uni with debts in this order, which they will have to repay from future earnings.

How then is it possible for 60% of people to be paid more than average ?

Also by definition average Intelligence is IQ 100 so if we take the fact that 60% go to university that means that the least intelligent of those admitted to University have an IQ well below average. Probably around IQ 90 ?

So that means that when they leave university looking for these “Good jobs” there will be numerous people with below average intelligence bossing people around and supervising operations where a good understanding of processes and consequences of actions are critical to making the correct decision.

Many of the people they will be instructing and supervising will be of greater – in some cases significantly greater intelligence than their supervisors. These subordinates will also be the ones actually doing constructive jobs and therefore generating wealth for Society and from the efforts of the 40% being paid lesser wages will have to come all the profits and taxes to pay the wages of the 60% who are being paid more than they are !

Whichever way up you hold it – this situation is untenable and unsustainable.

In fact the situation is worse than this because for every 150 women looking for “husbands” which are acceptable to them – there are only 100 men whom they would consider “equal”.

Furthermore we also know that men are nowadays refusing to join in the workforce at increasing rates. And “Economists” and “Social Psychologists” are consistently writing “Reports” and “studies” as to why this should be so – when the reality is obvious but highly inconvenient for the deluded among us.

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Eventually, the current system will implode

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