Array out of range (5285,12) in Metatrader


I wanted to use my VPS more efficiently and attempted to optimize my metatrader instances.

I followed that guide according to advise of my VPS provider and optimized everything according to this link: Blog - The Best Forex VPS for trading…-for-forexvps/

However after optimization, two of the EA’s give that error:

EURNZD,H1: array out of range (5285,12)

Other EA:

AUDCAD,M15 NZDCAD: Not enough historical data on M15

I guess it is because of the optimization of Chart settings in the above link.

Go to Tools → Options → Charts. Untick all options, reduce bars to 1 and press “OK”. Please double check with your EA provider if these settings will work with your EA before doing so.

If the reason is different in the link you can advise me.

I know it is because of the optimization. Because I installed the EA’s in a non optimized Metatrader instance and it works fine.

I reverted back to initial settings ticked and inputted 512000 and 65000 in the fields as it is default.

Still does not work.

I optimized the nonoptimized Metatrader, it gives the same error in the EA’s.

It is because of the optimization however even I reset back to initial settings, it still does not work.

How can I fix the error by reverting back before optimization?

Hi, try to delete terminals, all data, then install " fresh" instance and EA. Regards Greg

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Thank you professorpips!..