Articles in this month's Currency Trader magazine ---

If you currently trade (or have traded) Phil’s Sunday Breakout Strategy, you will want to read the article titled [B]Weekly Trend Prediction: An Adaptive Breakout Technique Analysis[/B], beginning on page 24 of this month’s [I][B]Currency Trader[/B][/I] magazine. The strategy outlined in this article is similar, in concept, to Phil’s strategy, and comes with a great deal of back-testing.

I tried three times to attach the February issue of [I]Currency Trader[/I] magazine (in .pdf format) to this post. No luck. So, if you want to read this article, you’ll have to subscribe to the magazine (it’s free), and then download the current issue for yourself. Here’s how: click on Currency Trader Magazine: Welcome, then click on “Subscribe for free now”, and follow the prompts.

Other articles of interest in this issue are: [B]Proposed Leverage Crackdown Provokes Forex Dealers[/B], beginning on page 33; and [B]The Yuan in 2010[/B], beginning on page 22.

And, Barbara Rockefeller’s column is always a must-read.


I’ll take a look at that. Also I just got a free subscription to SFO stock futures options magazine.

The word ‘prediction’ in your post caught my eye :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!

well i tried too I think the file is to big even when compressed. I suppose you could host it online and provide a link. Or better yet readers can just subscribe after all it is a decent magazine.

My favorite author who’s work i read every month is Barbara Rockafeller. She is excellent and one of the few people I can say was able to see through her technical analysis that oil was going to collapse and she called it when oil was over $140 a barrel. She is really really good. So anyone checking out currency trader definatly give her article a read too I guarantee you will learn something.