ArtVorminetor = Holy Grail EA

[B]Hi bros![/B]:cool:

“The Holy Grail” EA :eek:
This month 2448 pips!!!
I call it ArtVorminetor

I did a backtest on this month, from 1/06/2009 - 27/06/2009


End =12448$:eek:

Total trades=87 (Win=81, Loss=6)
Consecutive winnings=27

Total Win=3260.54$ (1$ per pip!)
Total Loss=812.54$ (1$ per pip!)
Total Win=2448.00$ (1$ per pip!)
Pips made=2394
Max drawdown=57.48$

Not bad profit for only 1 month with 1$ per pip for EA …


I’d steer clear of that, bud
The drawdowns look huge

are you going to share the ea ? it doesn’t use a martingale system does it?