As a child, did you show any signs that you'd be a trader when you grow up?

We see stories like this all the time for entrepreneurs: selling candy when they were in school, maybe as a kid they wanted to be in sales or they worked really young.

For traders, what was it that gave it away? The clue that would have told the future you that you’ll be into trading?

I’ve been thinking of mine and I can’t think of any. As a child I wanted to be a doctor. :rofl:

Maybe you have inspiring trader child stories?

That is actually an interesting thing to think. I will say that I wasn’t thinking of being a trader, but thinking of becoming an Accountancy since I had a huge interest in Mathematics. So you could say that it is linked to one another

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Well, nothing like that happened to me. But in my teens when I saw my father doing it, it really intrigued me,sometimes i even suggested him a few ideas which were highly appreciated by him. That was when it rang a bell.

I was trading at six years old, just after I started school. I would take little trinkets or plastic toys like you might get in a packet of cornflakes and sell them for a ha’penny in the school ground. Today, they suspend young 'uns for that kind of behaviour. Not sheepish enough to fit into society I guess. Or scared they will be self sufficient before they have paid £50K into the education system to get a worthless degree. At nine I sold newspapers on a racecourse in Melbourne with my cousins and was so motivated when one punter gave me 3p for the newspaper and a 3p tip. Worked with my father painting houses from 10, then cleaning offices after work when I was 12. I’ve always had a passion for doing something instead of doing nothing. Fortunately, my wife and boys know that is how I am and they put up with me.


Yeah that’s still within the finance realm. :slight_smile:

That’s so cool your dad’s a trader. What was he trading?

Whaat? No way! Would they really?? No more entrepreneurial kids?? :open_mouth: Aha you’re the guy always with a hobby! I say better that than bored and lazy!

I guess being interested in doing a profitable deal is a sign. Deal in selling candies or buying toys from friends. All with a view to make a profit :slight_smile:
In high school, an interest in economics can be taken as a sign.

Ah yes that is the biggest sign right there. :ok_hand:

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