As a day trader, do you plan a target for profit for each day or you earn as much as you can? Why


Do you have a target for each day if you’re day trader? Or do you earn as much as you can?

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I guess having a target is just same as having a goal, so immediately that goal is achieved for that day , you close your PC and go chill, but bare in mind the market does not always have" sure" setup for each day, i mean sometimes your target or goal be not attained cause i believe the market is opportunity based


My focus is aways on process and positive probabilities of being on the right side of a trade. My mindset is in percentages - risk, never money, as that creates an unwelcome emotional response when I’m in a live trade.

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Hmm. :thinking: For me, rather than daily, I tend to have like weekly goals. :open_mouth: But then, in defining these goals, I don’t really set a specific amount in mind. :thinking:

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