Asia-Pacific Coronavirus Safety Ranking

Philippines. :grimacing:

How can you have China in 3rdā€¦ DKV is kidding right?.. CCP figures and claims are absolute BS.

Australia and New Zealand have dodged a bullet by being so far and so isolated from regions such as Europe, the Americas and Asia to a degreeā€¦ Life other than moderate lockdown is slowly coming back to normal in parts of Australiaā€¦

Hence this is shown in a resilient AUD and NZDā€¦

Economy has taken a major hit but the Government has pumped in so much stimulus, employment and housing protection incentives that we should come through reasonably unscathedā€¦ when compared to some of the ā€œpowerhouseā€ economies such as the US, UK and most of Europe.

Paying all this backā€¦ will be of interestā€¦