ASIC Broker and future of leverage

Hey all,

I wanted to escape from ESMA and have some leverage.
Not that i use it all the time but like the availability, for scalping.
I read last year that ASIC wanted to align with ESMA rules, but its not official yet.

Been trading demo accounts with Admiral Markets now, anyone has experience with them?
Are they trustworthy? 16 March trading was halted for all US indices on the underlying exchanges.
Then i contacted their support live chat. For more information about these exchanges.
Asked them who their liquidity providers are. They said its ‘highly confidential’. Do other brokers keep that usually confidential aswell? Maybe Pepperstone or ICMarkets is better for me.

Tried to dig up some more reviews about them, it looks alright so far.
Wanted to ask for opinions about my choice for this broker.
I probably have to change in the future if ASIC changes regulations for leverage anyway.

Thanks for the help

Wow, thank you for article man)

Yeah i hope it was worth it.
You should disable your ad-blocker next time.
So i can get some revenue on my free articles next time :smiley: