Ask Me Anything About: My Newest EA - Channel Trader PRO

Hey Guys,

My name is Doug Price, I am the creator of Channel Trader PRO, and
a few other popular trading systems.

I just wanted to stop by and answer any questions you guys might have
about my software…

Channel Trader PRO

OR just about trading or EAs in general as I’m happy to help or answer



  1. why is it that your EA’s when they go onto real accounts - the performance is totally different than your past performance
  2. how can you trade at Synergy - when your accounts go negative but the positions stay open - how can you not have any swaps on positions opened for weeks – and how is it possible to have consecutive ticket numbers

You must work at Synergy to be able to trade under different conditions than anyone else ?

Not that it matters I suppose but you should be upfront about that if true.

  1. I noticed your recent entry orders on Keltner are exactly the same time/price as another free bot that is available - that I am running on my own account … did you just copy that and re-sell it under your own name ?

Hi there,

  1. The performance isn’t different, they trade and clients get same trades as me.
  2. You can ask them… I have large leverage, and i believe recent setup on Myfxbook was calculated wrong somehow as confirmed by them. No I do not work for Synergy or at.
  3. Keltner isn’t my system…

Don, the free bot is Fg Probot?

Pretty funny that all those domains are bought at NameCheap and you have WhoIsGuard on all of them

Probably your just the hired help posting on the Forum and not the actual creator of these products.

Yeah I have been playing with PFG trying to match the settings to what Keltner does - and they match 1:1 in terms of time/price

it is funny because the only difference was I had my stop about 5 points less than they were using.

I guess this is perhaps not so crazy because VOL Bots are probably going to be based on similar information anyway - but goes to show you $700 or whatever they charge is silly.

Also I have another question – why would you even develop EA"s to trade on Synergy in the first place - prior to 6 months ago - they had the worst spreads available in the FX Market - under the worst conditions — seems really weird that anyone who doesn’t work for Synergy would have been using them to create Sales.

Did you consider that we both work with same marketing team to help us get our product to market? I’m not hired help…

SynergyFX has offered the best relationship, they provide excellent support to me and it’s work just fine, that is where I go.

That is the thing though … your average trade for CTP (win) is 11 points

Yet prior to 6 months ago now - Synergy pricing was double everyone else plus you had to pay a commission.

I just don’t see how a bright guy like you would pay away 20-40% of profit on every trade… I wouldn’t… and honestly it doesn’t make sense.

As far as using a marketing company - sure that is possible – but it is your product - you name it right - so you would buy the domain and then give them the product to launch … so to see all these things using the exact same setup - makes no sense either.

Lastly it surprises me you say that performance is the same – Rev Trader Pro performance is in the toilet basically 1 month after Sales Began… when I looked the the others I saw a similar pattern - except for VTP because your also manually intervening in that now … which I don’t see mentioned on the Sales Page in fact this is what your Sales Page says —

“A system that could be run around the clock and trade for you and me without human intervention”

OK … maybe you should be fixing that.


That is entirely not true. REV Trader PRO did amazing for 3 - 4 months after i released it ( i released it 3 - 4 months before january) . In january it started doing bad, and did bad for about 4 months total. Now the past 3 months it’s been recovering and I expect it to continue.

Dear, ChannelTraderpro
Your Channel does it work well or not ? I see it some time it good some it not.
How to set it ? I have the question : Enablemarketstatus = true or false should set it ? if true how it work ? and fail does it do ?
Please explain I do not unsderstand how it work ? Really thank .

Enablearketstatus=true is only an option of the trade copier to check IF the market is open or not.
If the market is closed over the weekend the trade copier will deactivate for this time.
Because this feature could give false results its recommended to deactivate it.
EnableMarketstatus=false (dont check if market is open or not)
Thats all.


heyy channeltraderpro put your EA in fxopen/ globalprime broker to much bad press about Synergy broker