Asking for a leg up - If suitable I can maybe help you with automation?

Hi everyone,

Long time listener (very long time listener actually) first time caller. I have been watching the forums for many years, looking, learning watching ,trying.

To make a long story short, I have been playing with forex for 6+ years - I have a very strong interest in EA development , but have not managed to get anything to really stick. I have a background as a software engineer for the past 15 years. So I am exceptionally good at coding EAs…just not getting consistent product :slight_smile:

I am very well versed in most aspects of trading - I just have not found my golden bullet…yet.

My observations after throwing masses of computing power at the market is that things are ‘suspiciously even’. Thus far it really has been a zero sum game even in times where I would have put the house on their being an edge related to psychology / human nature.

I know that people have very strong opinions about whether infact an EA will ever work, but I would rather not discuss that at this time.

As you can see, I dont have all the answers…I dont have any anwsers, but I have sure as hell put in all the work.

So…I guess like everyone else…I am hear to ask for help. All I have to offer in return is a proven track record in commercial software development, great work ethic and are fluent in everything Forex.

In exchange for a leg up in terms of a ‘statistically probable’ system - i will like to offer to code it into a fully automated, professional quality trading platform.

Thanks for the opportunity.