At this time 0600GMT, there is no good trade!

what the fish, has been scanning for a good trade to go in but to my dismay, there aren’t any!

do you find the same situation as me?

thanks for advice.:51:

I find that nearly 40% of all my trades in GBP/USD are opened between the hours of 06.00GMT and 08.00GMT. This is a great time as it’s pre-European time, you have the European markets getting ready to open followed by London. In most instances at this early time you can get into a daily move well in advance of London Open which can give you a nice start to the day. Sure, this is easier said than done - but for proof all you have to do is scan trough GBP/USD on an hourly chart, mark out each London Open and see just how many daily moves actually start to gain composure at this specific time.

This is not a new found rule, nor is it some hidden secret. It’s fully logical, just as you see many retraces to the London Session move occur at New York Open. When the big sessions open it’s almost obvious that you would expect to see some kind of move. You just have to figure out which way :wink:

Each yellow line represents pre-European open to London Open. See how you typically get a move at this time more times than not.