ATR Calculation - Confused

I am confused with ATR number on my trading platform, ATR is often showed higher than currency rates

Here’s a screen shot . In the screen shot ATR is almost same as rate or even higher, how to correctly calculate/interpret value in ATR indicator?

Many thanks

ATR should be shown as pips, not a price. It’s shows the average range in pips a pair trades over a period of time.

Could you perhaps post a larger chart? I’m trying to see what’s going on but your charts are too small to read the numbers.

Here it is . Thx

I’m not familiar with the platform you’re using but it looks to me like that indicator is just plain wrong.

on my EUR/USD 15m chart I’m showing a current ATR(14) of .0013, or 13 pips.

Anyone else have any ideas??

Figured it out . It turned out that I rad it wrong … Thx:D