Aussie broker - IC vs Vantage vs Pepperstone vs Blueberry

Hi guys,

I am looking into getting Forex and will be starting with around 1000$. Was wondering which one is recommend out of IC markets, Vantage FX , Pepperstone and Blueberry markets and why.

Would appreciate help.

Hey @czeeeee, Pepperstone is pretty solid and safe… It will come down to which Platform you want to use… BlueBerry have a solid rep as well, but unfortunately only offer Metatrader MT4.

Pepperstone have MT(4/5) and Ctrader 3.6 which is a far superior platform to Metatrader’s offerings.

IC Markets use to be a favourite until mid 2019 when “Stranger Things” stated to take place with regard to price and regulation changes… Vantage FX I have no experience with… they are based in the Cayman Islands so… Stay clear…

As Indiana says… “Choose wisely…” Cheers.

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thanks mate. yeah cayman island sounds dodgy, only keen on local brokers.
I had a look at MT4 and ctrader interfaces, ctrader certainly looks heaps better that MT4.

Whats that IC Market things are you are referring to ? I noticed they also have ctrader

Hi @czeeeee, Years ago when I first got into the FX Markets, I had read somewhere that Etoro was the backer behind IC Markets operation in Australia…

Historically… Etoro haven’t got the best name in FX, do some due diligence on them…

I opened an account with them back in 2017 and had no dramas at all, good profits (small accounts) and fast withdrawals… this year they started redirecting various (Foreign) accounts across to the Seychelle Islands, another regulatory vacuum in the Indian Ocean…

And within the space of 3 months, unusual price behaviour, less profits etc… And I’m not the only one.

Connected?? Who knows… but where there’s smoke, there is usually fire… See the post linked below.


Can anyone recommend if i shall go for standard or razor account. I am planning to trade with around 1000$ and will be trading 2 to 3 times a week mainly on 4H to 1D timeframes.

Totally agree. First they announced they were moving and bye bye ASIC regulation. Then they changed their mind. Then they re-named the ECN accounts in “raw spread” accounts.
I also don’t trust them anymore.

You can use a standard account, but you have to define your trade volume to tally with your risk management. 1k is not a lot, so manage it wisely

Hi guys i m fresh new here …you have been suggested by a friend of mine after i send him the report of what happened to me in ICMarkets…can i upload the pic that i made with full explanzations and the whole fact ?(that it seems more a bad trick than a legit move)

I don’t have such issues with Forexchief broker. I hated those bad ticks with my previous broker.

I’m trading with FP Markets for a few months now. Quite happy with the spreads and execution. Never experienced platform freeze or stop loss hunting.Fingers crossed hope they don’t disappoint.

I don’t know about Vantage, Pepperstone and Blueberry but I traded with IC Markets and I closed my account about 8 months ago when it all started to confuse me about regulation. Before they were telling me we’re true ecn and we send the orders straight to the market and then they changed the story. It started to get weird because i could not reach them on live chat anymore, i was number 50 in the queue!!! Something went wrong in the past year and I’m sure many who traded during that time with them noticed. Support became pathetic and they were taking days and days to reply. Big spreads and slippage in the middle of the day with no news is like i was trading with a completely different company. I don’t recommend IC Markets anymore, dodgy things going on.