Aussie Rises #AUDUSD

In spite of every other CB’s cutting interest rates all around the globe, RBA did the contrary yesterday, raising it to 0.50%. Is it time for bulls to capitalize? Can AUD raise its value against USD to 0.60 today?
Please use proper risk advice before trading.

Where are you getting that from? They’ve cut the rate to 0.25%, a record low. Friday isn’t a day to interpret a change in direction, we’re still down for the week.

I don’t really see how cutting interest rates is going to help this problem, that’s not the main problem to solve.

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I do believe as well. It seems that Govt’s do not know how to react to the current situation as well.

We didn’t have times like this for a while now. Even some traders with 30+ yrs of experience are puzzled and have no idea where the economy will head next.

That info is wrong. The AUD cut their rate to 0.25% they were already at 0.50% from the last cut.

Thnx for pointing that out.

Could provide me with at least some source though, instead of just telling me that its wrong.

A lesson for me, I will be checking my sources better next time. Tell investing that they are wrong as well.

Yes I was about to attach the screenshot from RBA site.