Australian brokers

As a noob to FX, I am wanting to open a demo account. I will demo for many months and not open a live account until I have 3 consecutive months of monthly growth.
I have done some looking around and some research. It (to me) seems as these 3 are good candidates.
All 3 of these brokerages are ASIC regulated and use platform MetaTrader 4.

Has anyone had any experience with any or all of these 3 brokers?
Are there any other Australian brokers I should look at?
Should I open a demo with all 3?

IC Markets
FP Markets

Demos are free, so you can take advantage of them to test multiple brokers, not only in terms of their customer service but also to try the different platforms they offer. You mentioned you’re a “noob to FX”. Is there a particular reason you chose to focus on MT4?

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If the broker offers several platforms to choose from, I think you should try each of them. I personally prefer MT4, but I’ve tried others. So, everything is relative.

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Another one is called AETOS, check it out

are these three the top brokers, cause when i heard about pepperstone i tried to google them and the other two popped up with some but these two kept repeating, are they actually good brokers, can anyone rate me in a order.

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Hi Kathy,

I’m not sure about the other two but from what i found FP market has a good reputation and has been active for a long time and they are still around, Pepperstone and IC Market are also active for quite sometime but have critics on scam and other sectors like customer services but in a very bad way, as for FP its a good broker to start off with, but still would suggest to do your own research and get info on them.

If using Metatrader MT4 / MT5 Platform - In the order as shown below. Stay away from IC Markets…

All 3 are under ASIC Regulation for what it’s worth…

I have made my mind that, if your searching for a Australian broker its better to choose FP Markets. please do check and then decide, i am sure you wont be disappointed.