Australian Dollar Advancing Correctively

[B]Commentary[/B]: The AUDUSD is correcting the .8870-.7673 decline. The 3 wave movements at varrying degrees of trend make this clear. There are a number of possibilities right now, too many to take a strong stand one way or the other.

Price could come under .8051 to test the 61.8% of .7673-.8333 in a b wave before proceeding higher in wave c to complete the correction from .7673?.or a b wave bottom may already be in place and price could continue higher from above .8051 to complete the c wave. A rally through .8234 favors the latter scenario and a drop under .8051 favors the former.
[B]Strategy[/B]: Flat

[B]Written by Jamie Saettele, Technical Currency Strategist[/B]